How To Become A Member At The Missouri Pickleball Club

Pickleball is an incredibly fast growing sport and as a result of this, many pickleball clubs have opened and gained a huge following.

Of course, there are various requirements that budding members must meet before they can join though.

How To Become A Member At The Missouri Pickleball Club

Missouri Pickleball Club is no exception to this. As this club is a members only exclusive club, it’s a good idea to get a membership which you can do here and then follow the instructions.

Or you can download the CourtReserve app and go from there.

Of course though, there’s a lot more you’ll need to know about this club, so we’ve written this handy guide that explains everything you need to know about membership, the club in general and other handy pieces of information.

So, if you’re ready to learn more – then read on for all of the answers.

What Is Missouri Pickleball Club?

Before we move on, it’s a good idea that we explain exactly what this club is. The Missouri Pickleball Club is a pickleball club designed for members to enjoy the sport that they all love in an inclusive and fun environment. 

The club boasts to have the largest indoor pickleball space in all of the United States with 18 courts ready to go and 5 championship courts, all of which have huge 26 feet ceilings which are ideal for lobs, (see also: What Is A Lob In Pickleball?)rallies, drives and dinks. 

It has over 51,000 square feet with these amazing courts homed within, which anyone who has ever played pickleball will enjoy. You can play all year round, protected from the sun’s beaming UV rays or in the dry when it is raining.

The club uses up-to-date technology which gives you a clean and modern environment to play pickleball in, free of odors and beautifully air conditioned. 

The whole idea of the club is simple – it’s a club with members who all enjoy the sport but also want to be part of a community. Members can learn much more about the sport and develop their skills in a fun and controlled way. 

With this club, there are opportunities to take part in clinics, events, leagues and lessons. Indeed, there’s a lot to do here – so you may benefit from a membership if this sounds good to you! 

Where Is Missouri Pickleball Club?

It’s all well and good knowing how brilliant the club is, but you’re going to need to know about where it is and how to get there if you are going to apply for membership! 

Its exact address is:

Missouri Pickleball Club
747 Gravois Bluffs Boulevard

In order to get here, all you need to do is head toward the Gravois Bluffs Power Center, which is ideally just located off Highways 141 and 30 – which is often known as Gravois Road. 

You will find a number of restaurants and locally owned establishments around this area, so there’s a lot to see and do! 

The club’s opening hours are between 5pm and 10pm on Mondays and 7am to 10pm Tuesday through Sunday. Monday hours are affected because the club hosts charity events in the morning.

The club is open all year with the exception of Christmas Day and Thanksgiving, or if there is a major event which forces its closure.

How Do I Become A Member?

If you are looking to become a member of Missouri Pickleball Club, you will need to either download the CourtReserve app or follow the online instructions.

Doing this through the app is easy as you can pay your membership fees using GooglePay or ApplePay. 

If you are apprehensive about membership, you can contact the club and take part in a one hour free lesson, which helps you to get to grips with the club a little more before you make your final decision.

Non members can take part and use the club, although there is a higher fee for this and you will not have all of the same benefits as club members, including the freedom to book or reserve courts etc.

How To Become A Member At The Missouri Pickleball Club

Membership Benefits 

As we said earlier, one of the biggest benefits of being a member of a club like this is the ability to learn and develop your skills through classes, clinics etc.

Let’s examine some of the possible benefits you can receive by being a member of this club.

Professional Teaching 

The club offers its members the ability to hone their skills with highly qualified instructors.

These instructors will help you to develop your pickleball skill and inform you a little bit more about where you are in terms of your skill rating (see also: What Is My Pickleball Skill Rating? [Ratings Chart For Beginners])etc. 


Pickleball clinics are often difficult to find, but Missouri Pickleball Club offers members (see also: Where Is Club Pickleball USA? And How To Become A Member)and non members a chance to take part in these high quality clinics. You can see some of their upcoming clinics here.

You will notice that they divide the groups into skill sets (ratings).

These are classified to members after an introductory class – details of which will be provided to you after you become a member.


From High School leagues, singles leagues and doubles leagues – this club offers a whole lot to get involved with. If you are a competitive person, you will feel right at home here. 

These leagues are typically six weeks long and details of the skill level required are provided before you join them, so you know you’re not going to be way out of your depth. 

Organized Play 

Members are given discounted rates when hoping to book a court for an organized match.

Details of these courts are shown on their website, and times when they are open and available differ throughout the week, so be sure to check before you plan anything.

Does The Club Run Tournaments?

There are currently plans to run tournaments, but the club is yet to announce any further details.

You can however take a look at this website which details all of the pickleball tournaments upcoming throughout the year and beyond.

Can I Use My Own Equipment?

The club offers a lot of pickleball clothing, accessories and equipment via their online store. You can rent some of the club’s equipment too if you wish to.

If you are going to take your own equipment, there’s no problem there – but the club requests that players wear non-marking shoes when using the courts.

Can I Bring My Own Food And Drink?

Unfortunately, outside food and drink is prohibited by Missouri Pickleball Club. However, you will not go hungry or thirsty because there are plenty of vending machines for snacks, drinks and alike. 

On top of this, the club offers wine, beer, mixed drinks and energy drinks – with even further plans in the future for food trucks to arrive! In other words, do not worry about packing yourself a lunchbox, because you’re going to be fine!

Final Thoughts 

Missouri Pickleball Club (see also: Where Is Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club?)is truly a fantastic club to join and it offers some fantastic benefits for its members. If you’re hoping to find a pickleball club, (see also: Where Is PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Based?)there are few out there like this one!

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