Is Pickleball Galaxy A Reliable Platform?

Pickleball Galaxy has advertised itself as an online platform that offers the cheapest and best-quality pickleball equipment on the market, and while they certainly do have a wide collection of resources, from paddles to nets, which are all fairly priced, does this mean that Pickleball Galaxy is actually a little too good to be true? 

This is especially important to know since fake sporting websites are popping up each and every day that either sell poorly made and overpriced equipment, or don’t send anything at all and are acting as a scam. 

Is Pickleball Galaxy A Reliable Platform?

To keep you on the safe side, we’ve taken a thorough look at Pickleball Galaxy to learn how reliable it really is, and if it is worth visiting compared to its competitors when it comes to picking up necessary pickleball equipment. 

What Is Pickleball Galaxy?

Pickleball Galaxy is an American-based pickleball platform that offers a wide selection of sports equipment and clothes for extremely low prices.

The main draw to the platform is the prices since not only are they incredibly low, but Pickleball Galaxy also ensures to mention on their website that if you do somehow find a competitor with better prices, you can call Pickleball Galaxy and they will match it. 

The owner of Pickleball Galaxy, Pat Bernardo, has been running the site for several years and has tried to remain honest about the platform and what it offers ever since it first started. 

The Equipment Offered At Pickleball Galaxy

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced veteran when it comes to pickleball, or a fresh new beginner who doesn’t even own a paddle, you can guarantee there is something in Pickleball Galaxy’s huge stock of equipment that will catch your eye and elevate your game to the next level. 

This is the full list of what you can buy when visiting the website of Pickleball (see also: The Ultimate List Of Pickleball Trophies, Awards + Honors)Galaxy:

  • Pickleball Paddles 
  • Balls
  • Pickleball Shoes 
  • Pickleball Nets 
  • Bags 
  • Pickleball Gloves 
  • Eyeguards 
  • Grips 
  • Clothing 
  • Accessories 

They also offer special prices on some of their equipment depending on the time of the year, such as during Valentine’s Day where you can get an extra paddle free when buying one. 

It should be noted that while Pickleball Galaxy does have a massive stock in terms of their nets, paddles, and balls, their largest collection is their pickleball shoes which come in a  wide range of designs and prices, depending on how much you want to prioritize your footwork and comfortability during a game. 

With that being said, you can buy any of these essential pieces of equipment for a price that suits you since there is so much on offer when you visit the website, giving you plenty to choose from. 

Is Pickleball Galaxy Reliable?

It’s very easy to become a little suspicious when seeing the sheer amount of items that are on offer at Pickleball Galaxy, especially because of how cheap nearly everything is.

The truth is that while there are a few issues and inconsistencies that customers have picked up on, Pickleball Galaxy is still a legitimate platform and not a scam. 

Multiple different scam detector websites have claimed that, while not many people were satisfied with their purchase, their items did still arrive at their doorstep after they had ordered them, so you can guarantee you will receive exactly what you paid for. 

Pickleball Galaxy is actually an authorized dealer for many of the major pickleball manufacturers, meaning they are surprisingly very relevant and active in the wider pickleball manufacturing community(see also: How To Find Pickleball Communities In Your Area). 

Problems With Buying From Pickleball Galaxy

While it definitely is not a scam and is a legitimate business that won’t just take your money and run, there are still a few glaring issues and complaints people have made about Pickleball Galaxy that come up time and time again. 

Return Shipping

Not every item you buy from Pickleball Galaxy is guaranteed to be of the very best quality, which makes sense considering just how cheap a lot of the equipment is, but the larger issue is that the return shipping price falls entirely on the customer. 

Therefore, if you buy a bag of pickleballs but find that a few are too hollow or a little damaged when they arrive, returning them back to Pickleball Galaxy is usually going to cost you even more than what you bought them for. 

The reason this becomes so annoying for customers is that the actual quality of Pickleball Galaxy is very unpredictable, and by making the return shipping so expensive, it makes it even harder for a customer to get good quality equipment. 

Quality Of Products 

The overall quality of the products offered by Pickleball Galaxy is also incredibly inconsistent.

While most customers have stated that their purchase arrived with just a few slight marks or dents rather than having any substantial damage, there are still more than a few people who have complained in their reviews due to the lackluster quality. 

This seems to mostly happen when buying more than one item since many people who have bought several paddles or balls at a time have noticed that a few are much more damaged and hollow compared to the rest. 

As of yet, there has not been a customer claiming that the equipment they purchased from Pickleball Galaxy is completely unusable, but it is still an important point to be aware of if you’re ever considering purchasing a paddle, ball, net, or some shoes from this online platform. 

Delivery Speed

When you get to the checkout of the Pickleball Galaxy website, you will have the option to choose a delivery option depending on how urgently you need your equipment, though it is important to keep in mind that a lot of the time, the delivery will actually take a day or two longer than what is displayed on the site. 

While the free shipping claims to be between 4-6 days, many customers have complained that their items didn’t arrive until at least 7 business days, and the same applies to the more premium delivery options. 

Is Pickleball Galaxy Worth Buying From?

While there are definitely a few issues that negatively affect the overall reputation of Pickleball Galaxy, the truth is that it’s usually a good site to visit and buy from if you’re a beginner to a moderate-level player who just needs the required tools and resources to start a match. 

The low prices make it an incredibly affordable way to pick up what you need which is always useful considering a lot of the time, shops and websites will try to overprice the basic equipment, so Pickleball Galaxy definitely makes accessing the sport a lot easier.

With that being said, if you’re a slightly more competitive player, it might be best to skip on Pickleball Galaxy and look for a more premium pickleball store, though it can be a good place to visit if you need a single piece of equipment like a net or bag of balls and aren’t too worried about the quality. 


While there are definitely more than a few drawbacks that have damaged Pickleball Galaxy’s reputation over the years, the platform has still been proven to be trustworthy and legitimate, with it being specifically tailored towards beginner players who are looking for the most basic equipment at an affordable price.

Michael Walter
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