The Ultimate List Of Pickleball Trophies, Awards + Honors

Are you interested in entering pickleball tournaments, but you’re not sure what there is to win? In this list, we’ve compiled all the tournaments and what you can win when entering.

In this post, we’ll be taking a closer look at the USA Pickleball tournaments and the different circuits that appear.

The Ultimate List Of Pickleball Trophies, Awards + Honors (1)

Many of these tournaments are used for ranking, so you’ll find that there are higher prizes at higher levels. Most players aim to win more points to improve their ranking, while others are interested in the prize money.

To help you understand what you can win in Pickleball companies, we’ve provided a list of the biggest tournaments you can enter. These tournaments allow you to win medals, money, and sometimes trophies.

We’ll also help you understand what the greatest honor is in pickleball and what it is, and whether you can wIf you want to play professionally, you may be interested in the tournaments you can participate in.

The tournaments I’ve mentioned beloin Olympic medals in the sport.


w are perfect for compiling a Pro and Senior Pro players ranking. 

These tournaments include professional tours, USA Pickleball tournaments, major independents, and U.S. Open Championships.

Not all of these tournaments are for professionals, with many tournaments offering accessibility to amateurs who are hoping to transition into professional play. 

Grand Slam Tournaments

APP New York City

PPA Championship

USA Pickleball National Championships

US Open Pickleball Championships

1,000 Tournaments

APP Atlanta Metro Open

APP Beer City Open

APP Delray Beach Pickleball Open

APP Hilton Head Open

APP Legacy Open

APP Mesa Open

APP Masters

APP St Louis Open

PPA Atlanta Open

PPA Baird Wealth Management Open

PPA Baird Wealth Texas Open

PPA Foot Solutions AZ Grand Slam

PPA Orange County Cup

PPA Orlando Cup

PPA Peachtree Open

The PPA Masters

Tournament of Champions

500 Tournaments

APP Casa Grande Open

APP Chicago Open

APP Houston Open

APP Los Angeles Open

APP New Jersey Open

APP Prescott Open

APP Punta Gorda Open

APP So Cal Classic

APP South Carolina Open


PPA Austin Open

PPA Carvana Desert Ridge Open

PPA Indoor National Championships

PPA North Carolina Open

PPA Red Rock Open

The Takeya PPA Showcase

250 Tournaments

APP Alabama Classic

APP Cincinnati Open

APP Indianapolis Open

APP Plantation Open

APP Philadelphia Open

APP Sacramento Open

APP World Pickleball Open

Newport Beach Open

PPA Riverland Open

USAP Newport Beach Championships


You can earn points based on different models when playing in any of these tournaments. The number of points you’re awarded depends on the designation of your tournament.

We’ll take a closer look at what points you can be awarded based on how well you do.

If you enter any Grand Slam tournaments, you can earn 2,000 points for getting gold. You can earn 1,500 points for silver and 1,000 points for bronze.

Even if you come in 4th place, you can still earn 600. For non-place wins, you can earn either 75 points or 56 points depending on whether you qualified for Main Draw or Back Draw.

When entering a 1000 tournament, you can win a maximum of 1,000 points for gold. You can earn 750 or 500 points if you get silver or bronze. 4th place will receive 300 points.

For non-place wins, you could get 30 or 22 points depending on your qualification for Main Draw or Back Draw.

Getting gold in a 500 tournament will get you 500 points. Silver and bronze will earn you 375 and 250 points. Reaching 4th place will get you 150 points, while non-place wins can get you 15 or 11 points.

Finally, the 250 tournaments can net you 250 points for gold. Silver will earn you 188 points, while bronze will earn you 125.

If you come in 4th place, you will earn 75 points, and for non-place wins, you can get 8 or 6 points depending on which Draw you qualify for. 

Golden Tickets

In 2022, the top 20 players of each competition category could be awarded automatic qualification to the USA Pickleball National Championships.

All they would have to do is meet the requirements on September 1st, and they would receive a golden ticket.

A player must be in the top 20 of either singles, doubles, or mixed doubles before September 1st. They must have played in at least two National Championships Series tournaments supporting the Championships. 

Players could also choose whether to play doubles or mixed doubles in addition to their discipline.

Any winner of a golden ticket can choose anyone as their partner as long as they’ve played in two National Championships series tournaments of the same year’s National Championships.

There are other ways to earn a Golden Ticket, but their Ranking ticket won’t be assigned to another player below the top 20.

Prizes For Tournaments

You can earn a variety of prizes depending on the tournament you enter. Some tournaments offer prize money depending on your placement in the tournament.

The Ultimate List Of Pickleball Trophies, Awards + Honors (1)

For example, when entering the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships, you could get a maximum of $4500 for singles and $12,600 for doubles.

However, we should note that senior professionals will not earn as much as professionals. 

In these tournaments, the prize money depends on the number of players competing. If fewer players compete than expected, the prize money can be reduced.

Likewise, not all competitions have the same level of money offered. The most money that has been offered is in the Carvana PPA Tour.

The total payout will be $5.5 million throughout this upcoming tour, and they plan to host 25 events in a single season.

Most players are also interested in winning medals as well. You can earn medals based on your singles, doubles, and mixed doubles performance.

Like most tournaments, you can earn gold, silver, and bronze medals to boast about to your family. Many will also achieve an automatic bid into the Grand Slam pickleball tournaments. 

Triple Crown

One of the highest honors you can achieve in pickleball is by achieving a triple crown. A triple crown is where you win singles, doubles, and mixed doubles in the same tournament.

By winning a triple crown, you can showcase your talent in all three disciplines, proving your skill as a pickleballer. 

Not many players have achieved a triple crown in a tournament.

However, there are a few players who have won it: 

  • Ben Johns
  • Anna Leigh Waters
  • Parris Todd
  • JW Johnson
  • Simone Jardim

Winning a triple crown is a challenge that many pickleballers have strived to achieve. You must get gold in the same tournament in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

In many cases, this is not only a way to determine your strength but also a great way to prove that you can choose the right partner in doubles. 

Pickleball Trophies

You can win trophies in pickleball, but it depends on the competition you enter. These trophies are reserved for larger tournaments.

Most Grand Slams will have trophies offered at the end of the competition for the players who have performed the best. However, this doesn’t mean that trophies will be offered at the end of all competitions.

Most trophies are won at the end of a tour or significant competition. Grand Slams are the main events that offer trophies, while smaller tournaments may only offer medals and prize money.

As pickleball is still a sport in its infancy, this may change over time. However, you may also find trophies appearing regularly in smaller competitions too.

Are There Olympic Medals In Pickleball?

One of the biggest athletic achievements stems from getting an Olympic medal in that field. However, can you achieve an Olympic medal in pickleball?

Unfortunately, as pickleball isn’t an Olympic sport, (see also: Is Pickleball An Olympic Sport?)that’s impossible. There have been no announcements to include it in the Olympics, primarily due to the sport’s infancy.

To be in the Olympic games, pickleball must be played in 75 countries across four continents. However, that would only be for men. For women’s sports, you must play across 40 countries and three continents.

While pickleball is growing, it hasn’t grown enough to be brought into the Olympics. However, this could change in the coming years. Nowadays, pickleball is no longer a sport only played in North America.

Now, it is played in more countries and has become more popular as more players are introduced. 


Pickleball, as a whole, is a sport that is still in its early stages. You can win no definitive trophies, and it is solely up to the organizer’s discretion.

Most pickleballers are more concerned with the medals they can win, as they can improve their ranking on the board.

Generally, pickleball is an excellent sport for winning prize money, and it’s why so many pickleballers want to go pro.

Currently, the highest honor you can achieve in pickleball is by winning a triple crown, but there may be a chance for an Olympic appearance in the future. 

Michael Walter
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