Where Is Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club?

Pickleball has been rising in popularity more and more in recent years and it is the fastest-growing sport in the USA. 

Pickleball can be played both indoors and outdoors, and it consists of two or four players hitting a plastic ball over a net. This game was invented back in 1965 when it was a children’s backyard game that was first played in Washington. 

Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club is in Lincoln, California. It is located in Sun City, Lincoln Hills. 

Read on for more information about Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club (see also: Where Is PebbleCreek Pickleball Club Based?)and where to find it! 

Court Use At Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club

Use of the Pickleball courts is for residents and their guests only. You can only reserve courts if you are a resident of the club. 

You can find the available time slots that you can reserve on the website for the club. 

On the site, there is a lot more information surrounding the rainy day policy and other important information. 

There are 13 courts at the Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club, 1-6 are the upper courts, and 7-13 are the lower courts.

Guest Policy At Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club

All visitors must be accompanied by a resident if they are playing on the courts.

The resident can purchase an unaccompanied court guest pass, which allows a guest to play on a court without the resident being there. However, this guest must still be visiting a resident. 

The resident can purchase a guest pass at the front desk. The club also has a few rules that they ask the resident to abide by.

These include: 

  • During primetime, the residents should limit the four players to one guest to ensure that the residents have priority.
  • Ensure that you sign your group up online to avoid any confusion! 

Interaction With Others At Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club

As Pickleball has increased in popularity, so has the use of the courts. This has led to many more interactions between the residents, guests, club members, and non-residents.

These are, in most cases, very pleasant interactions.

It is very important to maintain this at the club as anything else may damage the Club’s relations with residents and the community.

You must be following the rules of the club at all times. However, it is also important to remember that it is not the residents’ job to enforce the rules, so leave this to the association staff!

You can report anything that you see as inappropriate to the association staff, and let them handle it from there.

Guiding Principle Of The Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club

The guiding principle of the club is to have fun, support each other, and promote the sport to all! 

Avoiding Injuries While Playing Pickleball

Pickleball is a very fun and addictive sport. As with any sport, there are certain risks of injury. To prevent these risks as much as possible, ensure that you follow the safety guidelines below! 

Warm Up When Playing Pickleball 

It is important to warm up before you start playing a game of pickleball. Specifically, you should warm up the muscles that you use more in the game.

Pickleball requires a lot of quick, short movements, so lateral steps, high-knee marches, and skipping are great exercises to loosen the appropriate muscles.

Wear Appropriate Shoes 

Pickleball is a game that requires a lot of speed and movement. Having good, solid footing is essential to the game as it prevents falls which can lead to injury.

The game can be very harsh on the muscles and joints, so it is very important to wear supportive shoes. 

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Be Careful In The Heat 

If you are playing Pickleball outdoors on a hot day, you should make sure that you are very careful in the heat. You are at risk of becoming dehydrated if you don’t drink lots of water or sports drinks.

You should also ensure that you take breaks between games, and wear a hat if you are playing in the sun! 

Maintain Balance  

It is very easy to lose your balance in a game of Pickleball. Balance exercises will certainly help with this, as they will help to practice keeping your balance.

You should make sure that, when you are playing, you lead with your paddle. When your paddle and toes are pointing in the same direction, you are much less likely to lose your balance.

Avoid Running Backwards 

Running backward can be difficult and it often ends in injury! It is very easy to trip over your own feet, or trip on anything else on the ground behind you. 

Avoid Wet Courts

You should also avoid playing on a wet court. It can be very tempting to play on a damp court, but it is not a good idea. This is because playing on a wet court can result in you slipping over!

No matter how much tread you have on your shoes, water will always cause you to slip over. 

If you’re hoping to avoid injury, you should avoid wet courts at all costs! 

Protect Your Eyes 

Eye injuries are also very common in sports like Pickleball (see also: 10 Most Common Injuries In Pickleball). Some accidents that occur during these sports can lead to serious eye injuries.

If you wear sunglasses or shatterproof glasses, your eyes will be much more protected. 

It is also a good idea to communicate well with your teammate so that you are not both going after the same ball. If you do this, then you are much less likely to end up with a ball or a paddle in your eye! 

Etiquette On The Courts 

There is a very simple etiquette to follow on the Pickleball courts.

This involves: 

  • Treating all players with respect 
  • No argumentative or hostile play: good sportsmanship should occur throughout! 
  • Have fun and improve 
  • Ensure you follow the rules of the game 
  • All calls are made by the players on the side where the ball landed 
  • Call your faults 
  • No swearing or derogatory language

Rainy Day Policy 

If you have reserved a court and the court is wet, you can go to the court before your reservation time and dry the court.

If you are not going to use your reservation due to wet weather, then you should cancel the reservation beforehand so that the group following you can opt to go to the court early to dry it.

You should only use the specific Pickleball rollers on the Pickleball courts. Using tennis rollers is not the same and can damage these courts.

If you bring your towels or drying equipment, make sure that you take it with you when you leave the court!

Final Thoughts 

This article has explored the Lincoln Hills Pickleball Club which is located in Sunny Hills, Lincoln. It looks at the club itself, how you can book courts, and the etiquette that you should follow when you are visiting these courts!

Hopefully, you now have all the information you need about the club and how to be safe during the game.

Michael Walter
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