10 Best States For Pickleball

Are you curious about how popular pickleball is in your state? There are some states which have higher activity of pickleball or are best for tournaments and competitions. 

While pickleball has taken the whole United States by storm, some states have certainly seen more action and influence than others. 

10 Best States For Pickleball

This is why today we will share with you the 10 best states for pickleball. Note, just because your state is not on our list does not mean it is not good for pickleball, but perhaps it is just not as active as those we have listed. 

1. California

Back in July 2022, Fox 5 declared pickleball as a phenomenon that swept across California and the nation on the morning news. As the state is also the home of many avid tennis players, and this erupted some chaos over access to courts. 

In San Diego, this actually progressed to a point of protests, storm-the-courts demonstrations, official city complaints, and accusations of corruption.

All of this chaos grabbed the attention of news networks and people worldwide watching YouTube footage of these conflicts as they escalated. 

San Diego and other Californian cities are quickly trying to make more pickleball courts as the popularity of the game grows to ease the tension surrounding this. 

You can find pickleball courts in California in places such as the Anaheim Tennis center, the Rancho california RV Resort, Acosta Community Center, Park District Of Oak park 

2. Florida

Naples in Florida has claimed the title of ‘Pickleball capital of the World’ unofficially. It is home to a quickly growing community of very enthusiastic players, and is also the home of the annual Minto U.S. Open Pickleball Championship. 

The Naples Pickleball Center can also be found here, where there are 60 courts maintained well. It is also home to many new courts, some private and some public, which encourages community members of all ages to participate and discover the sport. 

In Florida alone, there are over 10,000 pickleball players, with many cities in Florida establishing courts in local parks to keep up with the demand for more courts. 

In Florida, you will find pickleball courts in the Town of Davie, Sundial Beach Resort and Spa, Wiregrass Multi-sports Complex, YMCA locations.

3. Texas

Austin is the pickleball city of the lone star State. If you did not hear, Austin Pickle Ranch actually exploded the headlines upon its first announcement. It is a huge pickleball facility which has been scheduled to open up in the spring of 2023. 

This location will be fitted with 33 pickleball courts, 16 of which will be covered. It will also double as a live outdoor music venue, with spaces for yoga, Pilates, and even a pup play yard too! 

There will be food trucks here too! 

There are over 40 indoor and outdoor pickleball parks maintained by Austin Park and Recreation Department, scattered throughout the Austin area. If they were a little more explosive, they might have made the top of our list! 

Check out public parks and recreation centers for pickleball courts in Texas!

4. New York

You don’t think of pickleball when you think of New York, but you will now. Central Park actually has North Meadow Recreation center, where a group of active players will gather on a daily basis. 

You could also get in on the pickleball action if you joined the local recreation center, as a majority of these will have introductory courses to pickleball and even hold pickleball events, as well as allowing practice on their courts. 

Some of the best pickleball experiences in New York are on courts that are less than traditional. If you decided to head down to Houston & 6th in Manhattan, you would actually find 6 courts available, made with tape on asphalt. 

In early afternoons and the mornings, the community members will bring in portable nets to open up the action. 

You could also check out playgrounds in Manhattan as many courts are popping up in these spaces too! 

5. Ohio

Columbus in Ohio and some of the smaller communities surrounding the city are becoming noted as a hotspot for those who are enthusiastic about pickleball across the state.

News is also buzzing in the state about a pickleball complex that is scheduled to open this year! (2023) 

This complex will be named the ‘Real Dill Pickleball Club’ and will offer up private courts as well as a gathering area, with lessons available for those of all skill levels, as well as a space for leagues and tournaments. 

If you are looking to go and play with community members, check out some of their unofficial courts that pop up throughout the Columbus area. You may find an outdoor court at Lazelle Woods which was created as a roller hockey rink. 

Outdoor play with portable nets is also allowed in all the outdoor recreation areas in the city.  

Check out courts in Dublin, Avon Oaks Country Club, YMCA locations, and the North Ridge Racket and Paddle in Ohio for a place to play pickleball.

6. Arizona

The first support complex dedicated to pickleball in Arizona opened in Chandler in May 2022. It was named ‘Pickleball Kingdom’ and it has 15 courts, and even has a 101 course in Pickleball that is available year-round for drop-ins. 

It offers daily practice times that you can reserve on its website, as well as offering leagues and tournaments as well. 

The pro shop, sports television, viewing gallery, and snack bar are all benefits of this location.

There are plenty of residential communities and resorts in Arizona that now offer pickleball courts as well. Some are senior communities and others welcome those of all ages. They also all encourage an active lifestyle, including pickleball! 

Check out FLC Fitness, G.R. Herberger Park, Washington Activity Center, and Valley Presbyterian Church for places to play pickleball.

7. Illinois

In the north of Illinois you will find Northern Illinois Pickleball, which is the go-to place for pickleball in the state. They have also made a variety of pickleball clubs, each serves a different region of their community or state. 

Many clubs take part in tournaments, form social communities for enjoyment or support, and practice together. You can find clubs in Decatur, Springfield, Peoria, and Chicago, as well as others. 

You can find pickleball courts in Hinsdale and Chicago or at fitness centers like Lakeshore Sports and Fitness.

8. Pennsylvania

Some of the best pickleball courts in Pennsylvania are found outside in community parks. Buchmiller Park is one of the most popular of these.

It is found outside of Lancaster and there are 6 courts here as well as a comfort station, playground, picnic tables, and fair-sized parking lot. 

There is also Pleasant View Park, which is a good option if you are not against sharing the space with tennis enthusiasts. 

This park is in an active community and there are a variety of options for those who enjoy outdoor recreational activities. You can even cross-train with sand volleyball while your kids enjoy the playground. 

Take a look at community parks, and country clubs as well as YMCAs throughout the state for pickleball courts. 

9. North Carolina

Pickleball is getting some attention in North Carolina, however, there are yet to be any big facilities dedicated to it just yet. You can still find opportunities for free play and some drop-in action in a multitude of community parks and recreation centers. 

Raleigh, NC, has 6 outdoor courts over 2 parks and even indoor courts which allow participants to sign up to get into the court rotation on certain days. 

If you want to play pickleball in North Carolina, check out community parks like Davis park, YMCA locations, or resorts such as Corolla Light.

10. Virginia

Not so different from other states, Virginia has most of its best pickleball locations in community parks and recreational centers. Some big facilities are starting to rear their heads, this does include the very popular Pickleballerz. 

Pickleballerz offers 6 pickleball courts, all of which are available year round, no matter the weather. It also offers leagues, clinics, and even kid’s programs as well as typical pickleball play. 

If you happen to be in Fairfax County or the surrounding area, you could just look online for the exact locations of pickleball courts in the area. Simply turn on the filter for lined pickleball spurts, and you should get at least 20 locations pop up! 

In Virginia, check out community parks such as Alexandria City Park, and different YMCA locations throughout the state. 


These are the ten best states for pickleball. As you can see a majority of them have a lot of community parks and recreational centers that are kitted out for pickleball. However, most states will at least have a pickleball court here or there in community areas(see also: How To Find Pickleball Communities In Your Area). 

If you are struggling to find a location to play pickleball in your state, have a look online, and remember, you can use tennis or badminton courts if they are available.

Michael Walter
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