Can You Purchase Quiet Pickleball Paddles?

Pickleball is an extremely fun game but you may not notice that it is also very loud. The sound the plastic ball makes when it hits the paddle is the biggest noise issue.

Can You Purchase Quiet Pickleball Paddles?

But can you purchase quiet pickleball paddles? There are a number of different paddles that reduce the noise levels, although the sound of a ball shot will never disappear fully.

Just like many other team sports, pickleball can’t be played in complete silence but you can take a few steps to minimize the noise.

In this article, we find out more about quiet pickleball paddles and what else you can do to reduce noise during your pickleball match.

Why Is Pickleball Noise An Issue?

Pickleball is quickly rising in popularity. This means that there are a lot more pickleball centers and courts around the country.

Many of these courts are built in urban areas where people live and work. However, pickleball can be a noisy game.

Pickleball creates a noise level of 70dBA. In comparison, a standard washing machine is around the same sound levels.

However, if people are exposed to 70dBA for a longer period of time, then this could lead to a number of health issues, including hearing problems and stress.

This is the reason why pickleball is less popular with residents who live near a pickleball court or center.

Pickleball Can Lead To Noise Complaints

If pickleball courts don’t take measurements to reduce noise levels, then they run the risk of receiving noise complaints.

Pickleball is a fairly loud game and people living near a pickleball center will be able to hear the continual ball shots.

If you add in the shouts of the players, increased traffic and greater footfall in the area, then a pickleball court in a usually quiet neighborhood can cause significant disruption.

In fact, some pickleball centers had to either restrict their hours or close because of complaints from local residents.

Pickleball Can Damage A Player’s Hearing

Another big concern with the noise levels of pickleball is that frequent exposure to noise can damage a player’s hearing.

If you play pickleball regularly, then you are often exposed to the same sound levels as a standard washing machine.

While this is not a problem occasionally, playing regularly can result in bad hearing.

Is Pickleball Noisier Than Tennis?

Yes, pickleball is much noisier than tennis. Pickleball has a noise level of 70dBA, while tennis is only 40dBA.

This means that tennis is much quieter than pickleball. This also makes tennis easier to endure for residents who live close to a tennis court.

The Best Solutions To Reduce Pickleball Noise

Pickleball is a fun-filled game but the sound that each ball shot makes is a lot louder than many other racket sports.

This has led to a number of noise complaints and even lawsuits where nearby non-playing residents raise the issue of noise disturbance.

As new pickleball centers are a lot more aware of noise issues, they can build their pickleball courts with soundproofing in mind.

However, older courts may need to consider other solutions to reduce the noise from a pickleball game.

Change The Ball You Use

One of the most effective solutions to reducing noise levels in a pickleball game is simply using a different type of ball.

Practice balls, such as foam balls, are made from a light material that is a lot quieter than standard pickleballs.

However, it’s worth pointing out that not all these balls are permitted for tournaments, so make sure to check if you can use your quiet pickleballs for competitive games.

Use A Quieter Paddle

Can You Purchase Quiet Pickleball Paddles?

Another great way to bring the noise levels down is by using a quieter pickleball paddle. 

There are a number of high-quality paddles available that have an integrated noise-reduction feature. These paddles are quieter without impacting your game.

Build An Acoustic Fence

While using a quiet ball and paddle is usually up to the players, pickleball resorts can also install an acoustic fence that stops any noise from escaping.

However, this is a custom-built solution that is expensive and complex. It’s more popular with new pickleball courts than with public courts.

This being said, acoustic fences have been tried and tested on oil rigs. 

This means that these noise-reducing fences can be used anywhere where you want to shield people from noise.

Regulated Timings

Another popular solution with pickleball courts is offering regulated playing times. 

While this won’t reduce the noise, it makes it easier for residents and pickleball players to co-exist in a nearby space without compromising.

It’s a good idea to speak to residents, club managers and local players about specific timings that suit their individual needs.

Although this option could reduce play time, it could potentially stop a popular pickleball court from being shut down.

With the lack of pickleball courts around the country and increasing demand, it’s essential to find a compromise.

Can You Buy A Quiet Pickleball Paddle?

Yes, pickleball equipment manufacturers are looking to reduce the noise levels of both a pickleball and the paddle.

There are a number of different pickleball paddles on the market that are a lot quieter than the average paddle.

Why Should You Consider A Quiet Pickleball Paddle?

As a pickleball player, it’s a good idea to consider neighbors and people living near the court where you play.

Pickleball is a noisy game that can seriously affect local residents, whether they like the game or not.

In addition, pickleball can also affect your own hearing as a player. As you are regularly exposed to the loud noise of hitting the ball, you may struggle with hearing loss in future.

These are all good reasons you may want to consider buying a quiet pickleball paddle that minimizes the noise.

Plus, most good-quality, quiet pickleball paddles are not any more expensive than your standard paddle, so it’s a win-win solution.

How To Find A Quiet Pickleball Paddle

With more and more quiet pickleball paddles coming onto the market, it’s tricky to find a paddle that works for you.

Here are a few key features that you should look out for when buying your new quiet pickleball paddle.

Choose The Right Materials

Paddles made with a poly-core or an aluminum core are the most quiet paddles you can get.

Check For Green Zone Approval

When you are looking for a new paddle that’s quieter, then check that it mentions either Green Zone or Quiet Zone.

The Green Zone approval means that this paddle passed the Sun City Grand noise tests which rank pickleball paddles according to noise levels.

There are three noise zones: red, yellow and green. The red-category paddles are banned on many pickleball courts because they don’t follow the pickleball guidelines.

Paddles that are in the yellow category will likely be banned in the future as their noise levels are marginally better than the red paddles.

If you want to ensure that you have a quiet pickleball paddle, then buy a Green-Zone-approved paddle that has the best sound rating and adequate noise-canceling properties.

Final Thoughts

Quiet pickleball paddles are ideal to reduce the noise levels for your on-court play. This prevents noise complaints and protects a  player’s hearing.

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