HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review

Having the right pickleball paddle can make a world of difference to your performance. Some pickleball paddles are better suited than others for particular styles of play, and size and materials greatly impact how comfortable you feel playing with a specific paddle.

HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review

However, pickleball paddles cost a lot of money and you can’t exactly try them out yourself before you purchase. So, if you are looking for a new pickleball paddle but you need one that suits your style of play and budget, then check out the review below. 

We are going to be putting the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle to the test to see how it performs. This way, you can work out if this is the best pickleball paddle for you – or if it’s one you should skip over. Check out the information below and consider it carefully. 

About The HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle

The HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle is manufactured by HEAD, one of the world’s biggest suppliers of premium sports equipment.

They are known for selling sports equipment and apparel for a range of divisions including winter sports like snowboarding and skiing, water sports like diving and swimming, and racquet sports such as tennis and pickleball. 

As a company, HEAD has a particular focus on creating high-performance equipment and apparel to help every sportsperson reach their full potential in their respective fields.

They started out making skis in the 1940s and in 1968, launched their first tennis division. Today, HEAD now sells its own range of Pickleball products (including paddles). 

So, HEAD has had years of success in its tennis division and has started to put its research and development towards improving the quality of equipment and apparel for pickleball players.

As a result, players like Steve Deakin, Joy Leising, and Simeron Gonzales, have all been seen using HEAD pickleball paddles during their matches. This means that HEAD’s pickleball paddles have been used by some of the best players in the sport’s history.

The latest line of HEAD pickleball paddles is the Gravity line. The HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle is USAPA listed and approved for tournament use, and it utilizes a lot of HEAD’s research and technology from their tennis division as well as their recent pickleball division.

This means that the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle is widely regarded as one of the highest-quality paddles out there – so let’s see how it performs! 

HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle Specifications

Dimensions16 x 8.5 x 2 inches
Paddle Thickness14mm 
Facing MaterialGraphite 
Core MaterialPolypropylene FoamedCore
GripEVA Ergo Grip
Handle Length4 ½ inches
Handle Circumference 4 ¼ inches

HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle Performance

We tested out the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle ourselves to see how it felt and performed during play. Check out our honest and in-depth review below to see if this paddle suits your style of play! 


Although the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle (see also: Recess Pickleball Paddle Review)is made from graphite, one of the lightest materials used to manufacture pickleball paddles, it’s definitely not the lightest pickleball paddle out there.

It weighs just over 8 ounces. Although there is a lighter model that weighs just 7.6 ounces, some players may find the weight of the original model a little too much.

HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review

The extra weight does make this paddle a little harder to handle but the weight also backs your swings with a lot of power. This means that you can use minimal effort to make powerful, deep shorts for a harsher attack. 

If you like to play aggressively and attack with powerful hits, then the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle is definitely one for you to consider.

It does require a little more effort when it comes to maneuverability and handling but there’s no denying that it gives you strong hits with minimal effort.


If you play defensively, then the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle (see also: Prince Pickleball Paddles Review)may not be the best paddle for you. This is because the maneuverability of this paddle is restricted by its weight.

If you struggle with heavier paddles, then you may not be able to overcome this issue yourself with your own skill and strength. Stronger, more experienced players may be able to move more easily with this paddle and pull off cleaner shots for better defensive play. 

However, HEAD has incorporated its handle stabilizer technology to help make this paddle a little more stable for players.

However, during our testing, we found that it made minimal difference. Hits were only somewhat consistent and it took some effort to perform direct shots with precise aim. 

There is one trick that the HEAD Gravity paddle has up its sleeve (see also: What Is An Arm Sleeve For?)that works great for defensive play and that is the tri-axial surface pattern. This creates an extreme 3D spin which players can use to confuse their opponents so they slip up and give away points.

After all, playing defensively at pickleball is all about playing a clean game until your opponent slips up – and the extreme 3D spin on the HEAD Gravity paddle can help you play defensively while encouraging your opponent to mess up. 

Soft Play

Although we found that the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle wasn’t the best at defensive play, it performed pretty well when it came to soft play.

We think this is down to the hybrid hitting surface of the paddle, which uses both graphite and composite materials to give players more control over the speed of their balls. 

Producing soft hits required minimal effort with the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle, (see also: HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle Review)although it’s worth noting that we have played with paddles that worked better again at soft play. 


The grip is an important part of any pickleball paddle as slips and uncomfortable grips can lead to mistakes that could cost you your game. So – what does the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle have to offer when it comes to the grip? 

The grip on the HEAD Gravity uses EVA – a soft but flexible plastic that is comfortable to hold for long periods of time. This makes it easier to hold the paddle for long matches and to easily change your position for better hits.

HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review

It’s also great at absorbing vibrations, once again improving play comfort, but it’s not particularly absorbent when it comes to sweaty palms. This means that after a long match, the grip can feel a little slippery – that’s a big issue for competitive players. 

Where To Buy The HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle

If you think that the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle is the one for you, then your next step is to purchase the paddle and try it out yourself! 

The HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle can be bought directly from HEAD on their website. You can also check out third-party stores and sellers like Amazon, Pickleball Depot, or your local sports equipment stores.   

Although there are plenty of places where you can buy a HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle, there is one factor that holds a lot of people back – the cost. The HEAD Gravity pickleball costs between 0 and 0 depending on where you are purchasing the paddle (see also: Can You Purchase Quiet Pickleball Paddles?)from. 

This is obviously a big price tag for just one piece of equipment, but when you consider HEAD’s reputation as a premium sports equipment manufacturer, the price is understandable.

They use the best materials and put years of research into their products to make sure they are high performing for professional players. 

Because of this, the HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle (see also: PROLITE Supernova Pro LX Pickleball Paddle Review)is one of the most expensive pickleball paddles out there. 

If you do have your heart set on a HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle, then some places like Amazon do amazing deals and sales where you can shave off a large chunk of the cost.

This means you can still get your hands on a HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle but for a much more affordable price. Consider your budget and keep an eye out for any deals! 

Final Thoughts

The HEAD Gravity pickleball paddle is definitely a high-quality, premium paddle. It looks and feels professional and is made using some of the best materials and technology out there.

Plus, the fact that it’s manufactured by HEAD, one of the world’s leading sports equipment manufacturers, gives it a good reliable brand name. 

When it comes to performance, this pickleball paddle works best with aggressive players who prefer to play by attacking their opponents with strong, deep hits.

Its heavy weight means you can give some powerful hits with minimal effort but it also makes it a little harder to control the speed of your hits and maneuver the paddle itself. 

Because of this, we would recommend this paddle to professional pickleball players who want to invest in a high-quality, premium paddle that suits an aggressive style of play.

If you prefer soft play or defensive play, you want to look for a lighter pickleball paddle (see also: Is It Better To Use Lighter Or Heavier Pickleball Paddles?)that can give you better control over the speed of your hits. Luckily enough, HEAD has released a ‘lite’ version of the Gravity pickleball paddle (see also: Gearbox Pickleball Paddle Review)that is lighter and as a result, better for other styles of play!

Michael Walter
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