The Best Pickleball Lessons

Have you become enthralled by the exciting world of pickleball recently? That’s fantastic news! Of course, many people will play pickleball simply for fun or as a pastime, but others will want to enhance and improve their skill set. 

But how exactly would you improve your pickleball game? Well, one of the best ways is to take up some pickleball lessons(see also: How To Find Pickleball Lessons In Your Local Area). You can find plenty of different lessons online or in person, but you’ll need to know a lot more first.

The Best Pickleball Lessons

Luckily, our guide examines the best pickleball lessons you could become involved with. So, if you’re ready to learn more – then read on and discover the answers! 

Pickleball Lessons: Online 

One great way that you can learn more about pickleball is online. Learning pickleball online allows you to do it in your own time and in a place that suits you. Let’s examine the world of online pickleball learning first! 

Can You Learn Pickleball Online?

Certainly if you have no coaches in your area, learning pickleball online is a viable option. However, it must be stressed that if you are a beginner to the world of pickleball, finding a coach for one-to-one coaching is a much better option. 

Of course though, this isn’t always possible, so we totally understand this. Indeed, while learning pickleball with an instructor face-to-face is always going to be a better option to enhance your game; geography, finances and availability all come into play.

The good news is that many of the best instructors have created online courses, so you can still get some good knowledge of the sport online.

Once again though, eventually you will need to get on the court for a practical exploration and training of the sport.

The Best Online Pickleball Classes 

At this point, you’re likely wondering where these pickleball classes are online. Fortunately for you, we’ve got them below!

Many of these courses allow you to learn in your own time and plenty have extra resources available tailored to your needs and skills.

Some of the best online pickleball classes require payment, and it is indeed worth it. The best online courses that require payment include the following:

Free Courses 

Of course, there are other resources out there available for you which require no payment whatsoever. These include YouTube channels like:

Indeed, you can even visit some for further resources for free. You can find these at:

Introduction To Pickleball Classes 

Of course, if you’re simply looking for a brief overview of the sport, you may wish to check out these online resources:

Pickleball Lessons: In Person

As we mentioned previously, certainly the best way to learn pickleball is in person. You will be able to gain practical experience and learn while you do.

With an instructor with you, they can watch what you are doing and show you areas where you can improve. 

Not only this, but you should find it easier to learn the fundamentals like court geography and how to perform and return serves etc.

Of course, the very best coaches will help you to learn and develop things like:

  • The rules 
  • Scorekeeping 
  • Strategies and tactics 
  • Positioning 
  • Groundstrokes 
  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Lob
  • Dink

We would argue that the best way to learn pickleball is by amalgamating in person learning with an instructor and doing some online research, such as the resources we provided earlier.

This should give you a more rounded understanding of the sport.

Free Or Non-Costly Lessons 

You will likely find that there is a pickleball association in your area. While you can happily play pickleball for free if you are lucky, joining a pickleball association costs very little for an annual membership.

As a result of becoming an association member, you will have access to club members which can help you improve your pickleball game, and you can play as much pickleball with others as you like! 

This is ideal because you should be able to find other people of the same skill level as you, which is one of the best ways to get your game to the next level. 

Private Instructors 

Getting a private instructor is undoubtedly one of the best ways that you can improve your pickleball skills and knowledge.

While you might be able to find an instructor in your club, on social media or on Craig’s List, you can also find them on the Global Pickleball Network.

The prices for these services vary from instructor to instructor and a lot of the price will depend on their time and expertise.

However, you will likely find that a discount can be applied if you get involved in a group lesson instead of one-to-one instruction.

The Best Pickleball Lessons (1)

Pickleball Clinics 

If you think it might be a good idea to learn pickleball from a professional player, then brands such as JOOLA might be able to accommodate with their pickleball clinics. Previous pros have included Allyce Jones and Ben Johns! 

You will need to check the website for information beforehand, but if everything works out well, you have access to the elite pickleball lessons!

Pickleball Camps

With many sports and interests, one of the best ways to get involved and improve your skill set is to take part in a camp.

These camps are often over a couple of days and often allow for one-to-one coaching sessions, plus a lot of room for many pickleball games/tournaments.

Brands such as Engage Pickleball and Nike have been known to offer pickleball camps and these are usually very well run, which can likely significantly improve your pickleball skill set and knowledge. 

What’s The Best Option For Beginners?

It’s critical to understand that while it is advisable to seek out an instructor for one-to-one training sessions and lessons, not all coaches are going to be ideal for beginners. In fact, many only offer lessons for novices or advanced players.

Therefore, the best options for beginners are:

  • Find a patient coach who will teach you from day one with no prior knowledge 
  • Get involved with a pickleball clinic for beginners 
  • Learn online and then find a coach

Are Pickleball Lessons Expensive?

As we said earlier, the prices for lessons will depend on the platform, the instructor, the time and number of learners involved in the lesson.

As a result, clinics and camps are often an ideal choice as you can get a whole lot more for your money. 

However, becoming a member of a pickleball association is perhaps the best option if you are going to play regularly.

With all of the resources available to you throughout the year, you will be able to learn with others in your own time and locally. 

If you are looking to just have some extra training but you do not want to spend too much, you are best advised to do this with other players so you can reduce the price a little more. 

What Is The Best Advice For A Beginner?

Many beginners will ask for advice before they get involved with some of these resources and start their pickleball training(see also: 5 Best Pickleball Training Aids For Beginners).

The truth is, you will only get better results if you play more – but here is some basic advice:

Mistakes Will Happen 

It’s important to be patient when you are learning pickleball. Mistakes will happen, and they continue to happen – even with the professionals! Just keep calm and learn from your mistakes rather than get mad about them.

Simplicity Is Key 

In any form of education, keeping things simple is always the best route to success.

Try to create yourself some manageable goals and try not to over-complicate things. Remember, the simpler things are, the easier they are to improve. 

Be Realistic 

You should have somewhat of an understanding of how far you are willing to take your game. However, you cannot expect to have one lesson and then consider taking the game pro – it’s just not going to happen. 

Enjoy Yourself And Have Fun

There’s absolutely no point in getting involved in pickleball at any level if you are not having fun – the sport is meant to be fun!

As a result, your lessons should also be fun and you should be enjoying yourself while learning at the same time.

If you find at any point that you are not enjoying it, consider switching instructors or take a break from the sport for a while. 

The Bottom Line 

There are many resources available online and in person which will help you to improve your pickleball skills and knowledge. However, you are always going to be better off getting involved with a variety of resources daily.

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