5 Best Pickleball Training Aids For Beginners

Some of you might be surprised to learn that pickleball is actually considered to be the fastest growing sport in America. More and more people are getting involved with the game, and want to show off their skills. 

If you’ve recently picked up a pickleball paddle, and found yourself enjoying this sport, then you’ll already know that practice is the key to improving your game.

There are however, a few additional things that you can purchase that may be of help on your journey to becoming a pickleball pro.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the very best pickleball training aids for your convenience. 

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Here, you’ll find a list of some of the very best training aids to improve your pickleball game.


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This is probably one of the first purchases that we recommend you make when you’re just getting started out with the sport.

This rulebook contains everything you need to know about gameplay, including conduct, equipment regulations, and serve rules. 

It’s great for familiarizing yourself with the basics, or as a reference point if you need to check anything out. 


  • Lightweight - The tournament rulebook is super lightweight, so you can take it with you in your pocket in case you need to check anything. 
  • Elaborate - This book elaborates on a lot of different things to do with pickleball, even going so far as to provide a detailed history of the game. 
  • Tips And Tricks - As well as providing a detailed depiction of the ins and outs of the game, this book also gives you some tips and tricks for improving your tactics too. 


  • Jargon - Although this book is said to be tailored for everyone, some people who were new to the sport said that they found the jargon inside a little bit difficult to follow at times. 


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Maybe you’re brand new to pickleball, and haven’t joined a group or a society yet, or just aren’t feeling confident enough to play with other people.

If that’s the case, don’t worry, because you can still get a good practice session in order with this tutor ball machine. 

It essentially throws pickleball balls at you at different angles, and at varying speeds, so that you can get some practice in terms of your shots. 


  • Customizable Arc - You can change the arc of the machine, depending on the space you’re playing in. 
  • Easy Assembly - This machine is super easy to put together. 
  • Portable - This machine isn’t too heavy, so that you can take it with you wherever you need to. 


  • Structure - Some users said that it doesn’t have the best structural integrity. 


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If you want to get in a good practice session whilst playing alone, then the rebounder multi sport new can be a fantastic aid.

It allows you to throw the ball easily at the net, and improve your swing. You can practice overhead and high volley swings with this one, as it’s super versatile. 


  • Lightweight - If you’re just getting started with the game, and you’re planning on using this net a lot, the good news is that it’s super lightweight, so that you can take it with you wherever you want. 
  • Alloy Steel - It’s made from durable materials that will stand the test of time. 
  • Steady Construction - This is an incredibly sturdy net, and can withstand a whole host of different weather conditions. 


  • Multi Sport - Although this isn’t necessarily a con, this is a multi sport net, so can be used for soccer and tennis too. Therefore, the netting itself might feel a bit harder than what you’d typically expect from a pickleball net.


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When many of us get started out with pickleball, oftentimes, we learn to grip the paddle in unhelpful ways.

If you want to practice good hand posture from the very beginning, then we’d recommend that you purchase this tennis grip fixer. 

It shows you exactly how to hold the paddle by the ridges in the plastic. It does this by separating your index and middle fingers.

It can also show you how to hold your paddle at the perfect height too. 


  • Suitable For Right And Left Handed Players - When you purchase this grip fixer, you can either opt for the right or left handed version. 
  • Unique Design - The design of this grip fixer allows you to switch from semi western and continental. 
  • Easy To Use - It takes mere moments to attach this to your paddle. 


  • Slips Out Of Place - Some users did complain that the grip fixer slipped out of place on occasion during use. 


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If you’re a complete pickleball novice, then we’d recommend picking up this book, which is specially designed for beginners.

It gives a brief overview of the game, but its primary purpose is to teach you all of the different strategies you can use to become a pro. 

It gives you inside knowledge from some of the very best players out there, and provides lots of different techniques to help you to improve your game. 


  • Foolproof Techniques - This book is full of foolproof strategies that will help you to succeed every time. 
  • Covers Both Singles And Doubles - This book covers how to play both singles and doubles, providing a whole host of different techniques for each. 
  • Easy To Consult - If you need to refer back to something you’ve read, the book is chaptered in an easy to consult manner. 


  • Trivia - Some buyers didn’t enjoy all of the pickleball trivia pieces that are peppered throughout the book.

Best Pickleball Training Aids For Beginners Buyers Guide


One of the main things that we’d recommend that you keep in mind if you’re looking for training aids are items which improve your grip.

Oftentimes, when people get started out with pickleball, they don’t fully comprehend how much grip affects their gameplay, and can hinder their shots via the direction of the ball. 

This is why it’s a good idea to look out for items which can help you to practice adopting a good grip from the very beginning. 

5 Best Pickleball Training Aids For Beginners


As you can see from our list above, reading up on the sport is almost as important as actually getting out there and playing it.

Like any sport, pickleball has a number of different rules and regulations that you need to follow in terms of gameplay. 

It’s important to learn these fundamentals at the very beginning, so that if you were to join a pickleball group or society, you’d already know how to score points, and what’s classified as a fault. 

In addition, reading literature related to pickleball can also help you to strategise, and mentally prepare for a whole host of different gameplay scenarios. 

Solo Training Aids 

One of the main things you should be looking out for in terms of training aids if you’re a beginner, are those which allow you to practice alone.

If you want to improve your game before playing with another person, it might be a good idea to invest in a pop up net, or a ball machine which you can practice with. 

These tools will allow you to improve your hand movements, and will allow you to try out a whole host of different shots. This is a great tool for preparing you before you actually get to play in a tournament with other people. 

The ball machine that we’ve advertised above for example, allows you to practice lots of different kinds of shots, including underhand and overhead shots, simply by the way it throws the ball.

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are a whole host of different tools out there that you can purchase to improve your pickleball game.

When you’re purchasing training aids, make sure that you’re choosing ones which allow you to practice alone, and improve your shots. 

It’s also a good idea to invest in some grip aids, which can help to improve your hand’s posture on the paddle. This will set you up at the very beginning. 

Finally, we’d also like to recommend that you buy as many books as possible related to the game, so that you’re prepared with different tips and strategies. 

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