Why Are People Playing Pickleball Naked? [Nude Pickleball Deep Dive]

As pickleball is becoming more popular, there are also new ways of playing the game emerging.

From San Diego to Miami, pickleball players across the country start to drop their clothes and discover the joys of nude pickleball.

Why Are People Playing Pickleball Naked? [Nude Pickleball Deep Dive]

In this nude pickleball deep dive, we find out why people love playing pickleball naked and where you can combine the game with nudism.

Why Are People Playing Pickleball Naked?

Nude pickleball emerged from a nudist environment where people who wear no clothes play (see also: What To Wear While Playing Pickleball)a variety of sports, including pickleball.

Nudist centers commonly see that new sports (see also: Where Is ClearOne Sports Center?)are adopted by their members. 

As pickleball is growing in popularity, these resorts also offer pickleball courts where players can strip off their clothes and freely play a (see also: Can You Play Pickleball In Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort?)game of pickleball naked.

Here are some of the most popular reasons why people love playing pickleball without clothes on.

Nude Pickleball Feels More Relaxed

Playing pickleball naked allows you to drop everything and enjoy a good game. 

Many nude pickleball players love that the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed when they are playing (see also: How To Play Against Tall Pickleball Players)without clothes.

No matter how loose your sports gear is, clothing always restricts your movements. If you strip off, then you can enjoy the feeling of freedom.

Nude Pickleball Feels More Relaxed

Another big advantage of playing pickleball (see also: How To Play Doubles Pickleball)sans clothes is that your skin feels more relaxed.

In fact, clothes don’t just limit our movements but they often absorb moisture, not allowing our skin to breathe freely.

When you play nude pickleball, then your body can regulate its temperature more efficiently and you stay cooler.

Playing Pickleball Naked Allows You To Connect With Nature

One of the biggest reasons why people play sports naked is because they want to feel more connected to nature.

While you don’t play pickleball on grass or soft ground, you can still feel the wind on your skin if you don’t wear any clothes.

This can help you de-stress, feel at peace with your environment and regain a sense of groundedness.

Everyone Is Equal In A Game Of Nude Pickleball

Underneath our clothes, we are all equally human. Naturists who play pickleball (see also: How Many Calories Do You Burn Playing Pickleball?)without any layers prove this much.

Without your clothes, you cannot hide anywhere and you only depend on your skills to show yourself.

This means that a game of nude pickleball is often an equalizer, creating equal levels regardless of social standing or economic status.

Disadvantages Of Playing Pickleball Naked

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Pickleball is a fun game, with or without clothes. However, it’s important to be aware of some potential health risks to consider before you get started with nude pickleball.

A lot of these disadvantages are easy to fix, so they shouldn’t a reason to put you off. As long as you take precautions, you can enjoy your favorite game without clothes.


The majority of pickleball courts are outside. This means that you are exposed to harmful UV light during the game.

Typically, clothes can protect you from some of the worst effects of UV light. However, if you don’t wear any clothes, then you need to make sure that you protect yourself with sunscreen.

Ensure that you apply sunscreen as much and as often as possible. Also, keep in mind that some areas of your body are more prone to sunburn than others.

Skin Cancer

It’s a commonly known fact that too much sun exposure can result in melanomas and skin cancer.

As your skin isn’t partially protected by clothes from the dangerous UV rays, naturists who play pickleball naked are at a much higher risk of skin cancer.

Similar to the dangers of sunburn, ensure that you lather on a thick layer of sunscreen while you are outside.

Alternatively, you can also play nude pickleball inside or under a protective shade. However, this depends on your resort and the pickleball court.

Painful Body Shots

Another risk with nude pickleball is that you might get hit by a ball. Generally, pickleball courts are relatively small which means that you are more likely to receive a body shot.

Most players don’t play intentional body shots but even unintentional shots with a hard ball like a pickleball (see also: Can You Play Off Your Body In Pickleball?)can be extremely painful.

While these shots can also hurt with clothes on, at least clothing provides some protection.

Where Can People Play Pickleball Nude? 

You can play pickleball naked at a naturist reserve, recreationist resort or nude beach.

Naturism is a firm feature of US culture since the early 20th Century. This means that there are a great number of nudist reserves around the country.

While running around naked and exposing yourself in public places is illegal and socially awkward, naturist resorts provide a safe space to walk around naked.

Many of these resorts also offer a variety of different activities and sports, all of which are played naked. This means that pickleball isn’t the only game that’s played (see also: Can You Play Pickleball At The YMCA?)naked.

In fact, you can play any non-contact sports in the nude, from football and volleyball to badminton and pickleball.

Some naturist reserves even hold local tournaments to provide a competitive space for nude pickleball players.

Top Tips For Playing Nude Pickleball

Whether you are a nudist and you want to try pickleball or you are an experienced pickleball player who wants to try something new, there are a few things to keep in mind when you play pickleball without clothes.

Choose Your Location Wisely

Keep in mind that you should play pickleball (see also: Can You Wear Jewelry While Playing Pickleball?)naked only where it’s legally allowed. The most common places for this nude game are nudist beaches and naturist resorts.

You can’t just show up at your local pickleball court and drop your clothes. This is not just socially awkward but it’s also an offense.

If you are an experienced naturist, then you may be able to introduce pickleball to your nudist community or your local nudist center.

Wear Plenty Of Sunblock

The second most important thing to remember when playing pickleball naked is to apply thick layers of sunscreen, especially in sensitive areas.

As most pickleball games are outside, you are exposed to a lot of sunlight that can lead to sunburn or even skin cancer.

Shoes Recommended

While you don’t wear any clothes for nude pickleball, many players recommend wearing your normal pickleball shoes.

This gives you a much better grip and you can run across the pickleball court easier. Without shoes, you are more likely to trip and chafe your skin.

Be Careful Where You Aim The Ball

Naked pickleball players who don’t have any clothes on are also not protected from painful body shots.

A pickleball is hard and it can hurt when you get hit by it, even with clothes. In order to avoid any painful sores, make sure that every player agrees to avoid intentional body shots.

While it’s not always possible to fully avoid these shots, at least try to aim for the feet. 

Final Thoughts

Pickleball has seen a steady increase in popularity in recent years. New forms of the sport are quickly emerging, including playing pickleball nude.

The nudist trend of different team sports is not new as you can find people playing also other naked sports.

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