How To Use Pickleball Brackets [Ultimate Guide]

As a popular sport, pickleball has seen a quick rise in popularity and development. New technologies emerge to help pickleball players keep track of their scores.

How To Use Pickleball Brackets [Ultimate Guide]

Pickleball Brackets is a software that you can use to sign up to pickleball leagues, clubs and tournaments of any size.

In this guide, we explain how players and organizers can use Pickleball Brackets and some of the solution’s best features.

What Is Pickleball Brackets?

Just like many other sports, pickleball also moves away from paper-based systems, such as membership forms or tournament scores. is a website where organizers can add their pickleball club, league or tournament. In turn, pickleball players can simply sign up to their club.

Pickleball Brackets For Players

This means you don’t need to fill in any paperwork if you want to join a local pickleball club. 

Instead, your club can ask you to sign up to Pickleball Brackets to manage your membership and any sessions you want to join.

Players can also see their scores and keep track of any pickleball tournaments and sessions they played in the past.

Plus, pickleball players can also easily amend their details, such as email address or postal address, without contacting their club directly.

Pickleball Brackets For Clubs, Leagues And Tournament Organizers

There are also a number of advantages for clubs and pickleball tournament organizers as they can run the entire administration through this easy-to-use software.

In addition, all your members’ data is stored securely on the Pickleball Brackets system, so you don’t need to have to worry about storing data anywhere.

The Pickleball Brackets website also has a Ratings Engine that captures scores and game results of sessions and tournaments.

This Ratings Engine also updates an individual player’s club rating.

How To Use Pickleball Brackets

Pickleball Brackets was designed to be very easy to use. As a pickleball player, you only need to complete a few basic steps to set up your profile on the website.

1. Sign Up For A Pickleball Brackets Account

Before you can start using Pickleball Brackets, you will need to set up a basic profile on

Click on “Sign Up” at the top right of the screen. Then enter your email address. This should be the same email address that you use across all your Pickleball memberships.

Next, click on “Get Started” and add your first and last name. Similar to your email address, this should be the same spelling as your existing Pickleball memberships.

Then, you need to set up a password. This could be any memorable password but make sure that it is unique.

After you filled in all your details and you clicked on “Get Started”, check your email inbox for a verification email.

The verification link in the email will take you back to the Pickleball Brackets website where you can set up your entire profile.

The form will ask you for your address, gender, date of birth, emergency contact details and your pickleball skills (doubles and singles).

For your ratings, you should use the highest of your club and tournament ratings. 

If you don’t have a rating yet, then it’s a good idea to speak to your fellow players to find your equivalent rating.

2. Link Your Profile To A Club

Now that you set up your profile with Pickleball Brackets, you need to assign this to your club. 

Go to the Pickleball Brackets website and log into your account. Then click on “Clubs” in the navigation bar.

You can now either scroll down to find your club or simply search for it. Select your club and click on “Become a Member”.

Then select “Complete Your Request”. This will send your membership request to the club. 

Once the club approves the request, you will get an email from Pickleball Brackets to confirm your membership.

3. Complete Your Player Profile

Once you received your membership details, you need to complete your player profile on Pickleball Brackets.

Go to and log into your account. Then click on your profile name in the top right-hand corner. 

From the dropdown, select “Your Profile”. This will take you to a profile form that you need to complete.

While some fields were part of the basic profile setup, there are also some blank fields that you need to fill in, such as notification updates.

For example, you can choose to get your game scores directly on your mobile.

It’s important that you add your association number from Pickleball Canada, Pickleball USA or any other worldwide Pickleball Association.

Lastly, you can also choose to add a profile picture that will appear on your profile and in the top right-hand corner of the website when you are logged in.

Once you are all done, simply click on “Save Profile” and you are all set up on Pickleball Brackets.

Pickleball Brackets Features

Pickleball Brackets has a great variety of fantastic features for pickleball players as well as event organizers of tournaments and clubs.

View Game Results And Player Ratings

One of the biggest advantages for players and organizations is that Pickleball Brackets records and tracks session and tournament results.

The platform also displays rankings and skill levels for skinny singles, singles, doubles and mixed doubles.

Players can view their rankings daily as the results are updated every day. Tournament results are available a week after the final game.

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Secure Data Storage

Another great advantage of Pickleball Brackets is that clubs, organizers and league managers don’t need to store paper-based documents anywhere.

The software records all member details which are kept safe through a security protocol.

In addition, tournament organizers and club owners can assign any number of account managers who can manage their tournament and club data.

Organizers and clubs have an individual administration panel where they can update their club and tournament details, such as attendees, payments, sessions or scores.

Notifications And Email Updates

Even and club administrators and players can choose to stay up to date through text messages or emails from Pickleball Brackets.

Organizers can create and schedule emails to go out to players at any time. The software even offers a number of filters to ensure the emails only go to specific players.

They can even track progress on queued emails, sent and read statistics, click count and details for each player who clicked an email link.

Pickleball Brackets organizing managers can also opt into emails sent to individual players when they register, update their registration or want to be added to a waiting list.

Organizers Can View Reports

As Pickleball Brackets collects a large amount of data, organizers also have access to this data. Plus, they can even export specific reports as PDF, CSV or Excel file.

Easy Access To Your Pickleball Brackets Profile

You can log into your Pickleball Brackets profile to check game scores from your laptop, phone or tablet. This allows you to see game results even on the go.

Final Thoughts

Pickleball Brackets is a great way to keep track of your pickleball club membership, game sessions and tournaments.

The software is an ideal way to bring tournament organizers, clubs, leagues and pickleball players together to keep administration efforts to a minimum.

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