Can You Wear Jewelry While Playing Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fast-growing sport. It is becoming more and more popular by the day, and it is drawing interest for several different reasons. It is simple to learn, fun to play, and a very social sport that has plenty of health benefits! 

Whether you already love the sport, or you’re considering starting it for the first time, you will want to ensure that you are wearing the right clothing to allow you to play the game safely and effectively. 

Can You Wear Jewelry While Playing Pickleball?

You should not wear jewelry while playing Pickleball, (see also: What To Wear While Playing Pickleball)and there is certain clothing that would be advised during the game. If you’re not sure what to wear and what not to wear while playing, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on for more information on what to wear during the game.

Can You Wear Jewelry While Playing Pickleball?

It is highly recommended that you remove all jewelry when you are playing sports. This includes rings, body piercings, watches, and necklaces. This is to avoid the possibility of sustaining an injury or damaging the jewelry.

Necklaces, watches, rings, and piercings may get caught in loose clothing or the net while you are playing Pickleball(see also: Can You Play Off Your Body In Pickleball?).

What Should You Wear To Play Pickleball?

You should ensure that you are dressed appropriately when playing Pickleball(see also: How To Play Doubles Pickleball). Look for the following in your Pickleball clothing: 


Choose fabrics that are light and breezy. This means that you will be able to keep cool as your body heats up during the game. Lightweight materials are better for playing all sports in.

Polyester is great to wear in this instance. 

Moisture-Wicking Materials 

There are lots of great performance fabrics available to buy. These clothes are designed in a way that draws moisture away from the skin.

This moisture then evaporates quickly ensuring that you aren’t left covered in sweat while you are playing the game.


Pickleball is similar to tennis in that it is useful to be able to hold extra balls at times. For this reason, lots of players prefer to wear pants, a skirt, or shorts during the game. 

Stretchy Fabrics 

Stretchy fabrics are essential for a game of Pickleball. The best designs for this game are garments that are loose-fitting and do not restrict movement. 

Choosing sleeveless tops allows you to have full range use of your arms. It is a good idea to choose trousers that have adjustable drawstrings, as this can be great for customizing the fit. 

Weather Protection

If you enjoy playing Pickleball (see also: Can You Play Pickleball At The YMCA?)outside, it is a good idea to bring a water and wind-resistant jacket along with you! If the weather takes a turn, this will protect you from the elements, allowing you to carry on with your game.

Safety While Playing Pickleball 

It is important to remember to remove all jewelry when you are playing Pickleball to ensure that you are safe during the game. There are lots of other important safety precautions that you should take during the game. These include: 

Protect Your Feet

Ensure that you are wearing the correct shoes before you begin the game. You should make sure that the shoes you are wearing are supportive of your feet, and designed to be used on a court. 

You should always wear closed-toe shoes with a good grip on the bottom. 

Warm Up And Cool Down

One of the best ways that you can prevent injury is to ensure that you stretch before you begin the game. This will ensure that your muscles are warmed up and will prevent injury to your muscles.

If you take a few minutes before the game to warm up, you can prevent a multitude of different injuries. Warming up your muscles will also improve your performance on the court.

Cooling down is also important in preventing injury in a game of Pickleball. It is important to cool down your muscles so that they don’t seize up after vigorous exercise.

Can You Wear Jewelry While Playing Pickleball?

Clear The Court 

Before you start playing on the court, you should make sure that there are no obstacles in your way. Remove any small rocks or trash from the court that could lead to you tripping over and injuring yourself. 

It is also a good idea to avoid playing Pickleball on a very wet court, as this can be slippery and can cause dangerous falls.

Don’t Ignore Pain And Discomfort! 

It is important to ensure that if you feel any pain or discomfort during a game, you stop immediately. You should not ignore this, as it could cause injury.

In most cases, pain is an indication of injuries, so it will only make it worse to continue playing while you are in pain.

Consider Wearing Protective Eyewear 

It is a good idea to consider wearing protective eyewear during a game of Pickleball(see also: Can You Wear Regular Sneakers In Pickleball?).

While it might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re getting ready for a game, it is a good idea to consider a pair of impact-resistance glasses.

This is because the plastic ball, although light, can cause a lot of damage if it hits you in the eye at a speed. 

Stay Hydrated 

It is important to stay hydrated during an intensive sport such as Pickleball. You want to make sure that you rest and rehydrate when it is needed so that you can re-energize and prevent any missteps. 

Work On Mobility 

While Pickleball is great for those who have stiff joints, it does require some quick turns and pivots. Because of this, it may be a good idea to wear knee or ankle compression socks to stabilize your joints if you suffer from painful joints.

Health Benefits Of Pickleball 

Although this article has focussed on the health risks of Pickleball, it is a great game to play that also has a lot of health benefits. These include: 

Cardiovascular Benefits 

Pickleball is great for your cardiovascular health as it involves a lot of movement. Movement raises your heart rate which, in turn, gets the blood pumping around your body. This reduces your risk of heart disease.

Muscle Strength 

Pickleball is very good for improving your muscle strength. The physical activity that it involves means that you can build muscle. Running and jumping activate your muscles and strengthen them in turn.


Pickleball is a great sport for increasing your coordination. It uses a large number of different muscle groups at the same time. This allows you to use your legs, arms, and core muscles in the game.

Mental Health 

Physical activity also has a good impact on your mental health. You will find that physical activity reduces your stress levels, improving your mood and focus.

As it is a social sport, meeting people and socializing is also good for your mental health.

Final Thoughts

Wearing jewelry while playing Pickleball (see also: Can Seniors Play Pickleball?)is not a good idea. It can be very dangerous to wear jewelry while taking part in a sport like this because the jewelry can get caught on things, causing injury.

It is best to remove all jewelry when playing any sport.

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