Where Is ClearOne Sports Center?

It’s important to always be aware of the different indoor facilities and sports centers that surround you as a pickleball player since there are so many spread across the country that can help you improve your game through lessons, or by simply letting you play a casual game with your friends. 

The ClearOne Sports Center is one such facility that has become immensely popular over recent years due to the size of the center, and how many events and classes it provides pickleball players, but where is it actually located? 

Where Is ClearOne Sports Center?

Here is everything you need to know about the ClearOne Sports Center so that you can hop on over and pay them a visit when you want to enjoy some pickleball, no matter what skill level you are. 

What Is The ClearOne Sports Center?

First opening its doors in 2012, the ClearOne Sports Center is a premium sports indoor facility that hosts games and classes not only in pickleball, but in badminton too. 

Across the 27,000 square feet warehouse space can be found an endless number of courts with players of all different ranks testing their skills against one another in both casual and competitive games. 

The facility is dedicated to providing the most optimal and professional playing space for players of both pickleball and badminton, making for an incredible and very vibrant atmosphere thanks to all the roaring fans and players that you can feel as soon as you step in the door. 

Where Is The ClearOne Sports Center Located?

This indoor facility is found right at the heart of Florida in the city of Orlando. This is the official address that will direct you straight to their building:

4141 N. John Young Parkway Suite 3
Orlando, FL, 32804

When you are driving along John Young Parkway, make a turn when you reach the big Good Year sign where you will see a Gemaire building at the front.

Circle around to the back of this building and you will arrive at the ClearOne Sports Center. 

Pricing And Membership Options

In order to play on the courts and take advantage of all the facilities and resources that ClearOne has to offer, you will need to pay a fee when you visit.

These prices vary depending on your age and when you decide to visit, but in general, they tend to be quite a bit cheaper than many other indoor pickleball facilities. 

Here are all the drop-in fees that you should know about:

  • Adult – Mon-Fri before 3:30 pm – $7
  • Adult – Evenings after 3:30 pm and weekends – $10
  • Students (under 18) – $7

You will also have the option to sign up for a membership which will allow you to pop in and start playing whenever you like.

These memberships can only be bought to last for a month at the longest, however, their prices do vary depending on what time of the day you would be most likely to visit. 

The prices for the monthly unlimited membership are:

  • Adults – $89
  • Students (under 18) – $50

You can also choose to buy a weekday daytime membership which will give you the same amount of access, but you will only be allowed to play on weekdays before 3:30pm.

The price for the weekday daytime membership is $49 for everyone.

Court Rentals

If you want to have a few casual games of pickleball or badminton with a larger group of friends, it might be a good idea to book a court in advance, just so that you can ensure that everyone has enough space to play when you arrive. 

While the weekdays are always pretty busy at the ClearOne Sports center, especially during the warmer months, on the weekends it can be even more challenging to find a spot to play, so if you and your friends are arranging to meet up when you’re all free, booking a court is something you should definitely consider. 

You can rent a court on any day of the week starting from 9:30 am.

Each rental will only last for 1 hour and 30 minutes, however, you can also pay for a 3-hour session if you think that you and your friends want to make a real day out of your visit.

From Monday to Friday, you will be able to rent a court as late as 9:30 pm, but on the weekends, 6:30 pm is the latest time you will be able to rent. The rental prices are as follows:

  • Weekdays before 3:30 pm – 1.5 hours – $40 per court 
  • Weekdays before 3:30 pm – 3 hours – $60 per court 
  • Weekdays after 3:30 pm and weekend rentals – 1.5 hours – $50 per court 
  • Weekdays after 3:30 pm and weekend rentals – 3 hours – $70 per court


If you would consider yourself a fairly experienced pickleball or badminton player and want to test your skills against those of a similar level, you definitely won’t want to miss out on participating in one of ClearOne Sports’ many tournaments. 

New tournaments are held either one or two months after the last one, and they will all cost an individual $25 to join. 

The player will also need to prove that they have acquired the appropriate skill level to participate, so in the 4.0 doubles tournament for example, only pickleball players who have achieved this rating are eligible to compete, in order to keep things competitive but still fair. 

What Exactly Is Speedball?

While the ClearOne Sports Center is primarily designed for pickleball and badminton players, it also hosts regular games of speedball, which is essentially an even faster and more energetic variation of pickleball. 

Speedball takes the rules and techniques found in pickleball and ramps the pace up to a whole new level, with this spin on the classic pickleball game really testing your reaction time and movement. 

While anyone can try speedball out for themselves, because of just how quick and intense it is, players should already have at least a basic knowledge of pickleball so that they can adjust to the faster pace of speedball much easier. 

The team at the ClearOne Sports Center offers classes where they will teach you and a few others in your group the basics of speedball and what makes it so different, before then putting you in a game so you can experience the exciting fast-paced rallies for yourself.

Taking a speedball class will cost $30 for each person and groups are limited to 8 participants at most. 

Speedball is also offered on certain days and at specific times, so it’s important to know about these if you are interested in giving it a go.

Speedball classes will take place on Wednesdays between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm, and will also be available on Saturdays between 2:30 pm and 3:30 pm. 


If you’re in the Orlando area and are looking for somewhere you can test your skills as a pickleball player, or if you simply want to enjoy a few casual rallies with your friends, the ClearOne Sports Center is the place to be.

While you’re there, don’t be afraid to try out some of the badminton classes, and if you really want a fast-paced game, try out the speedball training sessions which are always extremely fun to get involved with. 

Michael Walter
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