Where Is Pickleball Island?

You’ll struggle to look up anything about pickleball tournaments or leagues and not see Pickleball Island being advertised. It’s definitely a very well-known area that many pickleball players know about, no matter what their current skill level is. 

For many, it’s the most prestigious place to play, and even a tourist destination for those who want to experience a tremendous sporting atmosphere full of passionate players either paddling the ball as part of a casual game, or putting their skills to the test in a fierce tournament. 

Where Is Pickleball Island?

While it is very well known for its reputation and history within the pickleball community, many people actually don’t know where exactly Pickleball Island is, and that’s what we’re looking at today. 

If you find that the facility is close to where you usually play or near your home, it’s definitely worth paying a visit, especially because there is always some sort of fun activity or unique match going on that everyone can enjoy.

What Is Pickleball Island?

Pickleball Island is the largest, and most popular indoor pickleball (see also: Why Is Pickleball So Popular?)facility on the planet.

Ever since it opened a few decades ago, Pickleball Island has been dedicated to becoming the hub of everything pickleball, and an area where anyone can join in on a match and learn a little more about this amazing sport. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a 5.0 master looking for new competition, or a beginner simply trying to get involved with the sport and have some casual fun with a few strangers or your friends, as long as you’re a fan of pickleball, you can be sure you’ll have an enjoyable and memorable time at Pickleball Island. 

All Activities Offered At Pickleball Island

While you can book a playing session over the phone so that you can set up an exciting match in this electric and atmospheric pickleball arena, there are also a few other fun and more informative activities to get involved with that will all teach you something you didn’t know before you stepped foot into Pickleball Island. 

Here are all the activities that you can participate in at Pickleball Island:

  • Open Play – Casual games with friends and strangers. 
  • Dedicated Courts – Competitive matches based on skill level. 
  • Leagues – Weekly leagues and king-of-the-court sessions. 
  • Court Rentals – Book as many courts as you would like, perfect for when you’re in a bigger group. 
  • Clinics – Provided by high-profile pickleball instructors from the US and Canada. 
  • Private Lessons –  Hosted by the experienced professional pickleball player Bob Gamble, these sessions give you an opportunity to have your skills observed by one of the very best and biggest names in the sport. 
  • Group Lessons – Informative and in-depth lessons that are provided for groups consisting of between 2 to 8 players. 

Alongside the plethora of physical activities to get involved with when you visit Pickleball Island, you also won’t want to miss out on their pro shop which offers customers a magnificent range of premium paddles and balls.

You are even free to try out the equipment before you buy, allowing you to pick up precisely what you need to suit your style of play and personal skill level. 

Where Can You Find Pickleball Island?

If you’re interested in paying a visit to the exciting Pickleball Island, you can find it in the island town of Grand Island located in Erie County, New York.

Where Is Pickleball Island? (1)

The full address for Pickleball Island is:

401 Lang Blvd, Grand Island, New York, 14072, US

 Keep in mind that because it is such a popular destination for visitors all year round, you will need to pay if you intend to play a match.

This can either be with a few friends, or you can simply face a stranger who has also paid when you get there. 

These are the payment options you can choose from depending on how you want to play:

  • Private & group lessons – Rates are arrangeable on the phone. 
  • Open Play – $10 per session for any skill level. 
  • Court Rental – $50 with a maximum of 6 people per court. 

You also have the option to pay for a $100 membership if you think that you’ll become a frequent competitor in Pickleball Island and would like to get involved in their many different tournaments and competitions. 

When you subscribe to this membership, you will be provided with a discount for all paddles, gear, and extra equipment, and will have half a locker room that you will be able to use freely.

Court sessions are also much cheaper, along with prices for participating in tournaments. 

You can easily get in contact with Pickleball Island to arrange a playing session either by calling the number shown on the Pickleball Island website, or simply sending them an email. 

Can I Play For Free At Pickleball Island?

If you have played pickleball before and just want to play an easy-going match with your friends, you will still need to pay to use a court for a certain period of time. 

With that being said, Pickleball Island does offer a beginner lesson completely free of charge, you don’t even need to bring a paddle with you since the friendly staff will supply you with everything you need to get started. 

You will become accustomed to the basic swings and techniques of pickleball before you then have a game near the end of the lesson where you can put your newfound skills to the test. 

Skill Level Required To Play On The Courts

If you go to the Pickleball Island website, you will see the facility’s weekly schedule which features all the activities and events that are going on each day of the week. 

One thing that you may notice is that each day allows players of “All skills” to play up to 11:30am, so no matter how experienced you are at playing Pickleball, or even if you’ve never held a paddle in your life, anyone and everyone will be allowed to compete before this time.

After this time, each day will switch to a different event or activity which will usually only accept more experienced players.

After 1pm on Thursday and Saturday for example, only players with an official rating of 3.5 or more will be able to play on the courts, while on Tuesday evening only 4.0+ players will be eligible to play. 

This helps to keep a nice balance of casual matches and competitive tournaments and leagues, so if you are a little less experienced and don’t feel like you want your games to be too intense just yet, it’s better to pay a visit to Pickleball Island in the morning so that you can access the courts much easier.  


The atmosphere at Pickleball Island really does need to be experienced to be believed, with every player and spectator making it one of the liveliest and most exciting indoor facilities not just in Pickleball, but in any sport.

If you’re an experienced player of a moderate to high rank who is looking for a challenging opponent to take on, then Pickleball Island hosts an incredible amount of tournaments and events to participate in, but don’t let that stop you from coming down and having a few casual rallies if you’re a beginner since everyone is welcome. 

Michael Walter
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