What Are The Best Camps For Pickleball, And Where Are They?

A successful game of pickleball is only ever really as good as the environment it is played in.

Pickleball courts are specially designed to help the pickleball to bounce more effectively and to make it easier to identify the specific areas of the court. 

What Are The Best Camps For Pickleball, And Where Are They

However, in order to really get to grips with the sport and make the most of the pickleball courts, you may find yourself in need of a little bit of training and practice to learn how to play the sport at a proficient or maybe even a professional level! 

To help with this, you could visit a pickleball camp which is designed not only to host professionally-designed pickleball courts but also to host professional players that can train you directly to get better at the sport! 

But what are the absolute best pickleball camps you can attend?

And where are they? Want to get better at pickleball yourself? Then you will definitely want to keep on reading down below because we are going to dive right in!

What Is A Pickleball Camp?

Before we show you some of the best pickleball camps you can sign up for, let’s first make sure that we know exactly what a pickleball camp entails! 

A pickleball camp is a specially designed facility that you can attend to get specialized training in the sport from trusted pickleball coaches with great control over the sport.

Lessons at pickleball camps can be carried out either individually, with a coach directly observing your play and dedicating their time to you, or can be enjoyed as part of a group, allowing multiple people to enjoy the teachings of the coach at the same time.

Best Pickleball Camps

Let’s take a look at some of the best pickleball camps you can try out!

LevelUP Pickleball Camps

These are some of the very best pickleball camps for those looking to really improve their pickleball playing, and especially for total beginners to the sport.

One of the things that makes these camps so special is that they were created by some of the lead producers behind the official pickleball magazine Paddles And More

The camps hosted by LevelUP last around five hours per day, and the camps go on for two consecutive days, giving you a massive amount of time to play the sport and really improve.

To make the deal even sweeter, LevelUP also offers post-game analysis via video footage, so you can see where you can improve things such as your posture or your swing! 

The camp is great for all skill levels, and the social aspects of the camp, being joined by other fellow players, and enjoying dinners on the campgrounds, help to really elevate it to one of the best.

These short camps show up all across the country, so make sure to always keep an eye out for nearby events!

Bobby Riggs Pickleball And Tennis Center

Each of the classes at this camp are divided by skill level, so you can be sure that no matter how experienced you are at the sport, you will get the attention you deserve to help you to reach the next skill level!

One of the best things about this camp is that it is run entirely by one of the most respected pickleball players in the US and across the world. Steve Dawson, manager of the camp, is a 2 time US OPEN pickleball champion.

The camp itself is based in California, so if you are local to the area you really need to take advantage of it as soon as you can! 

There is so much to be learned at this camp, and the way you are taught it here is so amazing and professional!

Rise Pickleball Camps

Rob Davidson, the leader of the Rise pickleball camps, is widely recognized to be one of the very best players and instructors in the entire sport! And at this camp, you can easily learn directly from him! 

Keep in mind that this course is best recommended for intermediate players with some existing knowledge of the sport. While you don’t need to be a total expert, it helps to turn up already knowing most of the basics! 

The course is designed to help with strengths and weaknesses and to help players be more communicative on the court, leading to better (see also: How To Get Better At Pickleball)games.

And after all of the intense training is done, you can enjoy an optional happy hour alongside the other pros! 

This camp is based in Utah.

What Are The Best Camps For Pickleball, And Where Are They (2)

Engage Pickleball Camps

We figured it would be foolish not to include one of the best pickleball camps in the US for more advanced players!

Engage pickleball camps (see also: What Are Engage Pickleball Camps, And Where Are They Based?)are designed to be attended by those with some amount of control over the court, and those that have earned themselves a skill rating over 4.0. 

Players that do attend the camp will be able to play against players of a similar skill level, and can even occasionally play against some of the professional coaches found at the camp. 

Each of the lessons is generally focused on strategic play, and how to notice the weaknesses of an opponent in the heat of the game to gain the upper hand in an instant and grab victory.

It’s truly fantastic how much they can help to improve your play.

The lessons tend to last for around 12 hours, with plenty of breaks and socializing, and these occur each day for two days. 

The camp itself is not based anywhere specifically and instead travels around from city to city, to spread the knowledge across the US.

It is worth keeping track of camp dates via the official website to see if it is coming to you! 

How Do You Choose The Right Pickleball Camp?

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of the best pickleball camps in the US, you’re likely feeling a little more ready to take one on.

One of the most important things to consider before choosing a specific camp is the skill level it is catered toward.

You don’t want to be a total beginner rocking up to an advanced training camp, or a pro player turning up to a camp that teaches the basics! 

It is worth getting your skill level officially certified so that you can know which camp is best for you!

You will also want to consider whether the camp is close to home, or whether you might need to travel for it.

Try to look for camps close to home, so that you don’t tire yourself out traveling but also have a look for camps that might be heading to your local area!

To Wrap Up

These are easily the very best pickleball camps in the US, and each one can offer exactly what you might be looking for, so why not sign up now? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do They Call It Pickleball?

Pickleball earned its name from the name of the creator’s dog, which was Pickle! 

What Are You Not Allowed To Do In Pickleball?

The most crucial thing not to do in pickleball is to step into the ‘Kitchen’ zone after hitting the ball!

Why Is Pickleball More Fun Than Tennis?

One thing that could make pickleball more fun than tennis for some is that the sport is easier for older people to play, making the potential player pool much larger!

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