What Are Engage Pickleball Camps, And Where Are They Based?

If you’ve been playing pickleball for a little while and have ever asked a more experienced player what the best method is for improving your game and reaching the next skill level, there is a good chance they will recommend that you participate in an Engage pickleball camp. 

While they can commonly be seen being advertised online, with camps moving between multiple different states and cities throughout the course of a year, it’s not always clear what exactly these camps are, and why so many high-level players promote them so feverishly. 

What Are Engage Pickleball Camps, And Where Are They Based?

To clear things up, we have the full rundown right here of everything you need to know when it comes to Engage pickleball camps (see also: What Are The Best Camps For Pickleball, And Where Are They?)so that you know whether it would be worth your time spending a few days at one to hone your skills. 

How Do Engage Pickleball Camps Work?

Pickleball Engage camps are day-long training sessions which are hosted by top-tier professional and highly skilled pickleball players for the purpose of helping players, who may feel like they are struggling to reach the next rank, improve their skills and techniques on the court. 

These camps are not necessarily designed for people who have absolutely no knowledge or experience in pickleball since you will need to be classed as at least a 2.5 player to apply, though this only means that you must have a basic knowledge of how to swing and serve during a game, and you must be aware of the rules on the court such as the non-volley zone. 

Engage camps are often advertised as “premium training sessions” which many people will undertake if they really want to reach the next rank or skill level but are having issues understanding where they are going wrong and what they need to improve on. 

Length Of Engage Pickleball Camps

Because these camps are constantly touring across different states and cities, it means they don’t stick around for too long and are usually only available to train applicants for 2 to 3 days at a time.

It should be noted however that on very rare occasions, some camps will run for much longer such as in Costa Rica where it runs for 10 days. 

While most people will attend the full number of available days in order to make as much of the opportunity as they can, there are many people who will only train for a few hours at a time. 

Most camps will run for 16 hours each day, so it is up to you to decide how much time you think would prove to be most beneficial to you and how much extra training you feel would take you to the next level.

Instructors At The Engage Pickleball Camp

Many of the instructors who will lead the training sessions in the Engage pickleball camps are professional players themselves, or they used to be and have decided to take on an instructor role, such as the lead instructor Robert Elliot.

Therefore, you can guarantee that you will be receiving the very best guidance from those with plenty of experience in the game. 

What Will You Be Taught At The Camp?

What Will You Be Taught At The Camp?

Because players are already expected to have a decent understanding of the basic movements and swings when they join the camp, the main focus for many of the instructors is strategy, and more specifically, teaching individuals about advanced techniques they may never have thought about before which the professionals themselves have used in their own matches. 

For example, if you’re a high 2.5 player but you’re struggling to finally reach the 3.0 mark, the instructors will teach you all the techniques you need to know to reach the next level including how to hit soft shots reliably, how to get the ball closer to the net, and how to move near the non-volley zone for a return before then moving back out. 

Depending on the rank you want to reach will determine how complex and advanced the sessions are, so if you were trying to jump to a 4.5 for example, the instructors would take more time helping you to perfect your volleys and dink shots while also giving you some guidance on the psychology of a match and how to read your opponents. 

Where Can You Visit A Pickleball Engage Camp?

In order to undertake a few training sessions at one of the Engage camps, you will need to know when they will be arriving in your state or city next since they move around every few days throughout the entire year. 

The good news is that the full schedule of dates and locations up to September of 2023 has been released so you can see exactly when the Engage camp is coming near you by looking on the Engage Sporting website

From Florida to California, all the way to Costa Rica, the camps take place all across the US, giving you plenty of opportunities to participate.

The schedule for camps taking place in Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia has also been announced to be coming very soon.

Where Is Engage Pickleball Based?

The company that provides the Engage pickleball camps is based in Florida, specifically in the village of Oxford. This is also where the Engage pickleball paddles (see also: Engage Pickleball Paddle Review)are crafted and sold.

While it had very humble beginnings when it first started back in 2015, Engage Pickleball as a company has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to its continuous advertising and professional team of instructors. 

Payment Fees 

The price you will need to pay in order to receive the training will vary massively depending on how many days you are intended to train for, and the location of the camp.

The majority of the 2 to 3 day camps that take place will cost between $400 and $600 per person. 

For camps that last over a week and that remain in a specific state for a lot longer than the others, these can end up costing over $1000 altogether. 

The high price point comes down to just how much quality training and guidance you will receive in such a short amount of time. 

Rather than spending months, or even years trying to improve on your own skills by watching others play or through your own experience, these camps are designed to take you to the next rank in just a few hours, and the amount of people who have benefitted from them prove that they are the real deal. 

You also won’t find any instructors more experienced and qualified than those within the Engage camps who will provide you with the most beneficial and effective guidance that they will tailor towards your play style.

You will also have the opportunity to tell your friends that you were trained by some of the biggest names in the sport, which is always a bonus. 


There isn’t a better way to enhance and improve upon your skills in pickleball than to spend a few days training in an Engage pickleball camp. 

While you will have to be quick to catch one since they move around so frequently, if you do manage to attend, it is the perfect opportunity to permanently increase your rank within the sport, saving you a tremendous amount of time in the long run. 

Michael Walter
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