The Ultimate List Of Pickleball Team Names

There are lots of things to consider when it comes to playing pickleball.

You need to learn all of the rules, you have to practice and perfect your game, you have to give yourself a rating, and you need to invest in the right footwear. 

The Ultimate List Of Pickleball Team Names

Then, while you are doing all of this, there is the question of the team name. Many pickleball players have come up with their own team names, many of which are clever and fun.

If you are a pickleball enthusiast planning on playing in professional tournaments, then you will also need to come up with a team name! 

Now, if you are stuck for ideas, or feel a little intimidated by this prospect, then do not worry. We are here to help you choose your own pickleball name!

In this article, we will discuss our top tips for choosing a pickleball team name as well as providing the ultimate list of pickleball team names, and more! 

So, if you’re interested, be sure to read on! 

Tips For Choosing A Pickleball Team Name

Choosing a pickleball team name is easier said than done. However, we are here to help! Here are our top tips for choosing a pickleball team name! 

Choose An Angle

Some people want funny pickleball names, others want something that is a bit more serious.

Some people want their opponents to feel afraid upon hearing the name, while others just want to start up a conversation and make friends. 

Think about what you want your pickleball name to say about you and what your approach is to the world of pickleball. This will help you to narrow down your choices!

Make It Unique

Unique team names will help you to stand out in pickleball tournaments.

Not only that, but by having a unique team name you are ensuring no other team has the same one, and there will be no need to make changes later down the line. 

When it comes to making up a pickleball team name, the more creative you are, the better! So, make sure you take some time to come up with some good names and think outside the box! 

Be Considerate Of Your Teammates

Chances are, you and your teammate are coming up with your pickleball team name together. So, you will want to be considerate at all times of the other person’s ideas and suggestions. 

After all, the most important part of this process is being a team, and coming up with a name that represents you both as a team. 

Follow The Rules

There are certain rules you need to adhere to when it comes to naming your pickleball team.

For example, you are not permitted to use profanity or vulgar language when you are coming up with a pickleball name. Please ensure you follow these rules to remain respectful at all times. 

Look For Inspiration

If you are really stuck for inspiration, then we have some good news! We have plenty of team name ideas here that you can take inspiration from!

Go ahead and check out our ultimate list of pickleball (see also: The Ultimate List Of Pickleball Terms [+ Their Definitions])team names and choose one you like, or combine some together for a truly unique name!

How To Come Up With A Pickleball Team Name 

How To Come Up With A Pickleball Team Name 

Here are some practical things you can do to come up with a good pickleball team name! 

Make A Physical List 

It is always a good idea to write down a list of ideas you have for a pickleball team name. This way, you have something to consult when you are finalizing ideas.

By writing a list you are also ensuring that you will not forget any ideas you have had. 

Use A Random Name Generator

Using a random name generator is a great way to kickstart your pickleball team naming process.

You can find some good ideas that you can work with, and you may even find the team name you actually want to use! 

Research Pickleball History 

Pickleball has been around for many decades now, and this means that there have been lots of teams and lots of team names.

So, you can search back through the archives to check out some of these team names and see if any of them inspire you. 

Our Ranking Of The Best Pickleball Team Names

Here are some of our favorite pickleball team names that you could use! 

1. Servivors 

“Servivors” is a play on the word “survivor” and is perfect if your team is fantastic at returning serves. 

2. Ace Of Baseline 

If you’re a fan of the 90s band Ace of Base, then this is the best team name to choose. Not to mention, both “baseline” and “ace” are terms used in pickleball.

3. Serves You Right

Another play on the word “serve.” Serves You Right is a common saying in the English language, meaning that the appropriate consequences have been handed to you because of your own actions.

The perfect tongue-in-cheek pickleball team name!

4. The Rallying Stones

This nickname is a play on “The Rolling Stones” a popular rock band from the 1960s. On top of that, a “rally” is a pickleball term that refers to the process of hitting the ball back and forth.

5. Court Martials 

Court Martials is a play on an actual court-martial, a military court in the UK. This team name will make people think of your pickleball team as one in charge of the court!

A very powerful team name.

6. Kitchen Cleaners

The most common moniker in pickleball is the “kitchen”, which is another way of saying “the non-volley zone.”

This name combines the term with the common sporting saying “take them to the cleaners” in reference to dominating the other team. 

A very clever play on words! 

7. Baby Got Backhand

This team name refers to the song “Baby Got Back” by “Sir Mix-A-Lot.” It also incorporates “backhand”, a common pickleball term. 

8. No Strings Attached

“No Strings Attached” is a common saying that means “without obligations or conditions.” It is a clever pickleball tear name since pickleball paddles do not have any strings. 

9. Made You Dink 

This is a play on the saying “made you think.” It also incorporates the word “dink”, which is a kind of pickleball soft shot.

10. Kind Of A Big Dill

This name is sure to get a lot of laughs from other players and spectators alike. “Kind Of A Big Dill” is a reference to the saying “kind of a big deal.”

However, the word “deal” is replaced with the word “dill”, a very common type of pickle.

Pickleball Team Name Ideas

Pickleball Team Name Ideas

Here are some more pickleball team name ideas to get the ball rolling! If you like any of these, be sure to write them down! 

1. Backhanded Compliments 

A “backhand” is a type of serve in pickleball, but it also forms part of the term “backhanded compliment” which is an insult disguised as a compliment.

2. Bert And Erne

In pickleball, an Erne is a volley that is very surprising but highly rewarding. Here, a player hits the ball close to the net outside of the non-volley zone, typically by the sideline.

The team name itself is a play on the popular characters Bert and Ernie on the children’s TV show, The Muppets.

3. Born To Rally

Born To Rally is a play on the album and song “Born To Run”, by Bruce Springsteen. Again, the word “rally” has been used because of its use in pickleball games.

4. Designated Dinkers

This team name uses alliteration in order to stick into your head. Used by clever pickleball players who want to stand out from the crowd! 

5. One Hit Wonders

Again, this is a funny pickleball team name that will result in a few laughs from spectators.

“One Hit Wonders” refers to the actual term “One Hit Wonders” – a singer or a group that has only achieved one hit song. 

6. Pablo Picklasso

Pablo Picklasso is another funny team name to add to your idea list! It refers to the celebrated artist Pablo Picasso, only it has combined his last name with the word “pickle” to create “Picklasso.” 

Final Thoughts

Coming up with your own pickleball team name can be a challenge. However, we have come up with our ultimate list of different pickleball (see also: The Ultimate List Of Pickleball Trophies, Awards + Honors)nicknames for you to choose from or use as inspiration! 

We also have tips to help you choose your own pickleball name. For example, it is best to respect your teammate as you come up with a name together.

Not only that, but it is a good idea to write down name ideas or use a name generator to help inspire you to find the perfect team name. 

When it comes to generating your own ideas, remember to think outside of the box and get creative.

Your team name is going to represent who you are as a team, so it is a good idea to consider whether you want to come across as light-hearted and funny, such as “One Hit Wonders” or “Pablo Picklasso” or if you want something that shows you mean business, such as “Court Martials” or “Servivors.” 

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