PROLITE Supernova Pro LX Pickleball Paddle Review

PROLITE Supernova Pro LX Pickleball Paddle Review

These paddles include top technology, an example of this being a woven carbon fiber surface, as well as high-performing polymer honeycomb cores and a smooth paddle skin with fibers that are multi-directional. 

The Supernova is wonderfully proportioned, which makes the paddle easy to move with, and gives it extra responsiveness when you strike the ball. It is balanced for power and control alike. 

Today we are going to delve deep into the fine details that make this epic paddle so great.

However, if you are simply looking for a top-tier paddle to take your game up a notch, this paddle is a great choice!

PROLITE Supernova Pro LX Features

Let's start off with the features, and the need-to-know facts about this pickleball paddle (see also: Best Wooden Pickleball Paddles)for any player who wants to give it a try!

Paddle Force & Edge Guard

Firstly, the face and edge guard. This paddle features an exclusive carbon fiber face, made with 100% American-made woven carbon fiber on the surface. 

This woven surface crafts a series of multi-directional fabrics which, when making contact with the ball, generates pressure and heat that improves your control and velocity over the ball.

Having such a unique design like this gives you a better overall experience and allows a more responsive and reactive paddle face when you play every kind of shot.

The face also includes vibration dampening systems which help reduce the impacts of wrist pain and tennis elbow as it disperses energy through its carbon fibers!

The face of the paddle itself is also protected by PROLITE’s low-profile tapered edge guard.

This is durable, strong, and also aerodynamic, so you will be able to swing this paddle fast and hard with no problem! 

Paddle Core

The PROLITE Supernova Pro core is made from a top-tier polymer honeycomb, this helps to paddle in terms of control and power. 

The core features an oversized yet forgiving sweet spot. It also has a slightly heavier paddle weight which helps in providing balance and more consistency when you strike the pickleball(see also: HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle Review). 

Many players who use this paddle have said that it is a bit like playing pickleball (see also: What Defines An Illegal Pickleball Paddle? [Banned Paddles Explained])with a tennis racquet, as the ball springs off the surface, but it is also able to be cushioned in the same way a tennis racquet’s top does. 

It feels a bit heavy, but it feels solid in your hands, which helps with performance for ground strokes and blocks.

Weight & Paddle Dimensions

This pickleball paddle is heavier for a middleweight paddle which is around 7.9 to 8.3 oz, however, when you compare it to similar top-rated paddles such as the Onix Outbreak, it is quite similar in terms of weight and has dimensions that are just as admirable. 

It measures 15 9/16 inches in length with a wide face at 8 ⅛ inches. It is the wide-bodied design that provides the large sweet spot as well as plenty of other paddle space for winning shots. 

Grip & Handle

The PROLITE Supernova Pro paddle has a handle that measures to be 5 ¼”, which is ideal for any pickleball players who have converted from playing tennis and enjoy playing two-handed backhands. 

This longer handle also allows for more leverage and reach when you play close to the net or near the back of the court.

The handle is also wrapped up in the PROLITE SofTac 32 Cushion Grip, this allows for a brilliant response when you hit the ball.

It is also perforated with built-in cushioning, which makes it ideal for drawing out moisture from your palm, allowing a firm hold.

PROLITE Supernova Pro Pickleball Paddle Summary 

The PROLITE Supernova Pro Pickleball Paddle (see also: Electrum Pro 2 Pickleball Paddle Review)is, without a doubt, one of the best pickleball paddles out there.

It has some of the best and most recent paddle technology, as well as a unique and high-performance core, with 100% woven carbon fiber for the paddle face. 

It truly is unlike any other paddle available on the market. 

Its SofTac 32 grip is also ideal, as is the low-profile edge guard, it helps you maintain your hold, and is excellent for shock absorption, helping to reduce tennis elbow or wrist pain.

This makes it ideal not only for pro players but also for players who may have tender joints. 

This paddle is available in 3 colors, red, blue, and green, and its super sleek black finish makes it look super professional and great when in action. 

It is the perfect paddle if you are looking for a pro-level paddle for pickleball with great balance and endless control and power on the court(see also: Should You Leave Your Paddle On The Pickleball Court?). 

This paddle is for everyone but pros benefit from it.

What We Think 

We have to give this paddle 5 stars. It is an elite-level pickleball paddle that has some of the most advanced tech available for pickleball paddles.

Its carbon fiber face and polymer core are just some of the top features it has. 

It is suitable for all types of players, even though it is marketed as being best for elite play. We love it! 

Benefits & Downfalls

Every product has its pros and cons, and even though the PROLITE Supernova Pro LX paddle seems to be nothing but good news, it won’t be ideal for everyone.

Some people might not like the feel of it, it might be too heavy, and so on. 

So, let’s take a quick look at what the pros and cons are for this pickleball paddle.

If this does not help you in your decision, the best thing to do is try one out and see how you find it feels in your hand, if you do not try it, you’ll never know!


  • 100% American-made woven carbon fiber paddle face. 
  • PROLITE SofTac 32 grip helps prevent tennis elbow & wrist pain.
  • Made with a high-grade polymer core.
  • Brilliant shock absorption.
  • Built-in cushioning for a firm grip.
  • Extended range with a long handle.


  • It may be a bit too heavy for some.
  • Marketed as being best for elite play.

The Supernova In Comparison To Other PROLITE LX Models

The Supernova is part of PROLITE’s LX series. One of the best aspects of this series is how many shapes they offer.

It is always great when a brand will offer multiple weight and shape options in a series as it allows you to choose the right one for you. 

As great as the Supernova is, there is no guarantee that it will suit everyone’s play style and weight preferences. 

PROLITE’s LX series offers you four different shapes. While the series as a whole plays with a lot of similar characteristics and aspects, there are differences in the performance of each shape. 

Let’s take a look at a table that shows just how each of these compares should you look at them side by side.

Also, take a look at how each of these will play differently from one another. 


[amazon fields=”B09T8VH2BP” value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B09T8VGGZB” value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B09T94GV4Z” value=”thumb”]


[amazon fields=”B09T8VH2BP” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Supernova Pro LX has a shape that nearly maxes out USAP guidelines on head size, it is also quite wide. The wide shape and extra surface of the paddle allow for extra control and a bigger sweet spot.

Length And Width : 15 7/ 16"x8"

Handle Length : 5"

Thickness Of The Core : 14mm

Weight : 7.80 8 oz


[amazon fields=”B09T8VGGZB” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Titan Pro LX has a little less length and width than the Supernova LX. It is a bit lighter as well. It is one of the best choices for speed and control, however.

Length And Width : 15 1/2x7 13/16"

Handle Length : 4 3/4" 

Thickness Of The Core : 14mm

Weight : 7.7 7.8 oz


[amazon fields=”B09T94GV4Z” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Rebel Pro LX offers you more head weight and more length. You can get more power from this and perhaps even an extra bit of spin from this paddle.

Length And Width : 16” x 7 11/16”

Handle Length : 4 ¾”

Thickness Of The Core : 14 mm

Weight : 7.6 - 7.8 oz


[amazon fields=”B09T8ZGD2P” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The Rebel XLT LX is the same length and width as the Rebel Pro LX, however, it has a longer handle, this can enhance spin power and general power while also allowing for more room to make 2-handed shots.

Length And Width : 15 7/16 x 8”

Handle Length : 5 ¼”

Thickness Of The Core : 14 mm

Weight : 7.8 - 8 oz


The PROLITE Supernova Pro LX pickleball paddles (see also: Gamma 505 Pickleball Paddle Review)are brilliant paddles.

However, in our opinion, these are best suited to players who want to have a bit more control and like to play in a patient or defensive playing style. 

These paddles offer a nice combination of control as well as maneuverability.

There is less power from these paddles, but it offers more control and a larger sweet spot.

Michael Walter
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