Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

Pickleball technology has really come on hugely in recent years.

As the game expands beyond recreational courts and into professional leagues, equipment manufacturers have gone out of their way to keep up with the changes.

Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle Review

And one of the brands leading the charge toward high-tech designs is Paddletek.

Eagle-eyed pickleball viewers are likely to spot a Paddletek paddle (see also: Gearbox Pickleball Paddle Review)in the hands of at least one competitor at any tournament.

Built with the help of professional players and hours of research, Paddletek equipment has been designed to enhance the game of pickleball for both players and spectators.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle(see also: Are Edgeless Pickleball Paddles Better?)(see also: Prince Pickleball Paddles Review)(see also: PROLITE Supernova Pro LX Pickleball Paddle Review) (see also: Best Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddles).

Created to provide consistency and accuracy for players who love to get tactical, this premium paddle offers big promises! 

About The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball paddles (see also: Where Can You Purchase Used Pickleball Paddles?)tend to emphasize one aspect of the game. Some offer improved power, while others emphasize total control and accuracy.

Some are all about precision, while others aim to garner speed. You choose a paddle that can boost your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses.

But with the Tempest Wave Pro, Paddletek aims to do it all.

The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is a pickleball paddle (see also: What Defines An Illegal Pickleball Paddle? [Banned Paddles Explained])designed to provide precision without sacrificing speed and force.

A light to midweight paddle with a changeable grip size and a graphite (see also: Wood Vs Graphite: Which Kind Of Paddle Should You Use?)face, the Temple Wave Pro offers improved forgiveness and consistency, while maintaining power and spin.

Designed for intermediate players to professionals, this is a clever pickleball paddle (see also: What Is A Dead Pickleball Paddle?)that makes the most of the Paddletek innovations.

The smart response technology core and high tack performance grip are just two examples of this.

Paddletek has made some big promises with the Tempest Wave Pro, and it comes with a price tag to match.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at just how the paddle performs, and see if it lives up to the hype. 

What We Like About The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

There’s so much to love about the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro that it’s hard to know where to get started.

A quick swing through the air will reveal the balance and effortless movement of the paddle, but you need to look deeper to see where the Tempest Wave Pro shines. 

Smart Response Technology Core

The wide and long head of the Tempest Wave Pro offers more space for you to hit the ball, with an elongated sweet spot for increased accuracy.

Thanks to the large sweet spot, you have a better chance of getting a hit dead-on, sending the ball back to your opponent with power and precision.

But one of the real advantages of the Tempest Wave Pro is that even if you don’t strike in the right place, you can still make a good hit.

That’s because the Smart Response Technology Core provides incredible forgiveness. 

While you won’t get a perfect shot with any swing from the Tempest Wave Pro, a corner hit won’t completely ruin your play. This is a paddle for consistency. 

The core is made of a polymer honeycomb, allowing for a quick hit that still has some power behind it.

It also dampens the impact of shots coming your way, allowing you to regain control with limited vibration.

Textured Graphite Surface

The graphite face of the Tempest Wave Pro is closely textured and lightweight for improved control and added spin. 

The Tempest Wave Pro is best for dink shots and net play. If you like to keep your rallies short, with tactical moves scoring you points, then you’ll love the control granted by the Tempest Wave Pro.

The surface is grippy, with an obvious texture that grabs the ball and sends it spinning. Combining texture with the large sweet spot allows you to hold the ball and direct it exactly where you need it to be.  

Even during an intense game, you’ll feel in control with the Tempest Wave Pro. The surface provides precision, and every touch can be mastered.

Graphite faces aren’t always the most durable, but the Tempest Wave Pro should last for many games. Don’t sweat the minor cosmetic damage that’s likely to occur after frequent play.

Although it might affect the attractive design of the paddle, it shouldn’t harm your playing style. 

Light-To-Medium Weight

Swing the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro through the air, and you’ll be astounded by the quick and light movement.

This paddle has an easy swing and a natural motion that you can adjust and control with minimal effort. The balance between handle and face is spot on.

In terms of specifications, the Tempest Wave Pro weighs from 7.6 to 8 oz. It’s not quite midweight, but a little too heavy to be considered lightweight. 

Lightweight paddles have a better response while lacking power. Paddletek has kept the weight low through careful honeycomb core construction and a graphite build.

These features do add control to the paddle, but they don’t sacrifice power as much as you might expect. The slightly heavier build contributes force to every hit, so you won’t send balls short.

Varied Grip

Paddletek has recognized that not every player handles and controls a paddle in the same way.

That’s why you can request the Tempest Wave Pro with either a thin or standard grip. Choose a handle that matches your grip style and hand size, for a better hold.

Whichever grip style you choose, the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro comes with a high tack performance grip to keep your hold secure.

Perforations throughout the handle allow for sweat to be absorbed, preventing rubbing and increasing hold. 

Ergonomically designed, you can feel the sweet spot through the handle. Every hit travels into the handle, so you can respond and react to the movement.

But as vibrations are minimized, you can maintain a comfortable grip.

The standard grip comes with an ultra cushion high tack performance grip, while the thin grip comes with a high tack performance grip. 

What We Don’t Like About The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro claims to do it all, but can any pickleball paddle really cover all bases? This paddle won’t appeal to every player, especially those who like to play with power.

Let’s take a look at some of the downsides of the Tempest Wave Pro.


The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro isn’t a paddle for those who are only curious about pickleball.

This is a paddle for serious players who are willing to invest in the equipment that will take their game to new heights.

If you’re a beginner, the high price of the Tempest Wave Pro is likely to be off-putting. Honestly, at this stage in your pickleball journey, you don’t need a paddle of this standard.

You’re still learning your way around the court, and while the Tempest Wave Pro might ensure fewer missed hits, it’s unlikely to show you the results you need.

But for intermediate to advanced players, there are reasons to consider investing in the Tempest Wave Pro despite the price tag.

The improved control and forgiveness can help you master new skills and techniques quicker than other paddles.

Plus, the Tempest Wave Pro feels fantastic in the hand. Every movement of the paddle is natural and comfortable. It’s a pricey investment, but for the serious player, one that is likely to pay off. 


Power isn’t a huge problem when it comes to the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro. It still has plenty of strength to it, and you can send the ball across the court with minimal issue.

However, as a light to midweight paddle, it is lacking the brute force of heavier paddles. This is a natural trade-off of the pickleball paddle.

If you want power, you have to sacrifice some control. If you want control, you’re going to lose some of the power.

The Tempest Wave Pro does a good job of balancing power and accuracy, but the paddle still prioritizes control. 

If you prefer a heavier hit, then the Tempest Wave Pro is likely to be too light in the air to meet your needs. It’s also a paddle designed for short, sharp, tactical games.

Players who like a long grinding game will find the Tempest Wave Pro fails to keep up.

Final Thoughts On The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro

The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is a pickleball paddle that makes some extraordinary claims.

Aiming to boost every aspect of your game with advanced control and precision that doesn’t sacrifice power, this is a paddle for serious players.

Overall, we’re impressed with the Tempest Wave Pro. It really does offer excellent control and precision, with a forgiving core that ensures fewer missed hits.

The textured surface maintains grip, while the honeycomb interior packs a punch without the weight.

The Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro is best for players who enjoy short and tactical games. Although the power is good, it isn’t excellent.

If you like to ramp up your hits and wear your opponent out, then this paddle might feel a little weak. 

But for most players, it’s hard not to rave about the Paddletek Tempest Wave Pro. If you aren’t convinced, give it a swing, and try not to fall in love.

Michael Walter
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