5 Most Expensive Pickleball Paddles Available Now

Everyone knows that expense doesn’t always indicate quality, but if you’re trying to improve your pickleball game, you might be tempted by the premium paddles.

These paddles use the latest in sports technology to optimize performance, potentially elevating your game to new heights.

5 Most Expensive Pickleball Paddles Available Now

The most expensive pickleball paddles come from brands such as Third Shot Drop, JOOLA, and Selkirk.

Created for advanced players, the paddles justify high price tags with innovative designs and the latest materials.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at 5 of the most expensive pickleball paddles available now.

We’ll also explore the more important question: are the most expensive pickleball paddles worth it?

The 5 Most Expensive Pickleball Paddles Available Now

Costing hundreds of dollars but designed to push your skills to the limit, these are the most expensive pickleball paddles available.


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If you’re after an expensive paddle, anything from Third Shot Drop should match the criteria.

This is a premium pickleball company, best known for the custom paddles that you can design and craft to your specifications. 

The most expensive options in the Third Shot Drop range are the carbon fiber weave paddles.

These come in two different shapes. The wider Chaos, and the elongated Kratos.

Again, these paddles are highly customizable, as you can choose your core material, and even add your preferred design. 

The carbon weave paddles are pretty spectacular, using a diamond weave surface to add spin, improve power and control, and increase durability.

As you can probably imagine, anything that uses diamonds is going to have a luxury price tag, and these paddles are the ultimate pickleball splurge. 

Are the Third Shot Drop paddles worth it?

The performance is incredible, although it takes some time to get used to the weight.

And as this is a paddle all about durability, you should expect to get plenty of use from your investment.


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Selkirk is one of the most innovative brands creating equipment for pickleball players, and the majority of the Selkirk range is aimed at advanced players and professionals.

For that reason, most Selkirk paddles are expensive, although beginner and intermediate players can still find Selkirk quality in their price range. 

The most expensive paddle from the Selkirk brand is the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air.

Available in the wider Epic shape and the elongated Invikta, the Vanguard Air series really pushes the Selkirk paddles to the extreme.

More than twice the price of the standard Selkirk equipment, the Vanguard Air paddles are for advanced players who want to maximize their technique to win in tournaments. 

The Vanguard Air range is all about power and control, delivering a forceful paddle in the midweight range.

Finished with a hybrid blend of fiberglass and carbon fiber, the face offers control and accuracy to the talented player. 

Although the Vanguard Air is an impressive range, the Selkirk Amped delivers similar quality at a more affordable price. For beginners, the SLK range is an excellent choice.


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The PROKENNEX paddles are for pickleball (see also: ProKennex Pickleball Paddles Review)enthusiasts, enhanced with a patented Kinetic System to absorb shock and dampen vibrations for a comfortable feel that accommodates even ferocious play.

This Kinetic System helps reduce the risk of injury, and can keep you playing for longer.

If you’re serious about pickleball, then it might be worth investing in a PROKENNEX paddle, especially if you find your technique suffers as the game continues.

The lightweight build and Kinetic System can help you stay in control, even as the points add up.

But if you do choose a PROKENNEX paddle, be prepared to pay a hefty price. The most expensive paddle in the range is the Black Ace Ovation.

The face consists of just one piece of TORAY 700 carbon, offering speed, balance, and an incredibly responsive swing.

The Black Ace Ovation is an edgeless design, giving a larger sweet spot and allowing you to show off those lightning-quick reflexes. 


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One of the most expensive pickleball paddles is also one of the most popular: the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion.

To many pickleball players, this is the gold standard: a pickleball paddle that delivers a professional performance at an achievable price point.

Yes, the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 is an expensive paddle. But if you’re a serious player, then it’s largely worth the investment.

The carbon friction surface is perfect for aggressive players looking to create spin and send their opponent off balance, while the hyperfoam edge wall increases consistency and maximizes the sweet spot for edge-to-edge performance.

Still not convinced? Check out the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion CFS 16 in action in the hands of world #1 Ben Johns himself.

This paddle was created with the help of Johns, and the collaboration has resulted in a paddle that really does live up to the hype. 


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Sleek, streamlined, and serious, the Engage Pursuit paddle is for the player that means business.

Offering a balanced combination of power and control, the Pursuit has a large sweet spot and a graphite covering to improve accuracy and forgiveness.

It isn’t all about accuracy with the Engage Pursuit.

The highly textured surface grabs the ball before letting go, offering increased spin to send your opponent floundering.

The rough texture also dampens impact, so you can play better for longer.

Similarly expensive is the Engage Pickleball Pursuit EX 6.0 Pickleball Paddle. This has the excellent features of the MX, but a slightly wider paddle face. 

While most expensive pickleball paddles are for advanced and professional players, the Engage Pursuit is a good choice for intermediate players.

The lighter build and forgiving design allow you to work on your game with a paddle that will keep up as you improve.

Of course, you need to be serious about pickleball to overlook the price tag.

Do Expensive Pickleball Paddles Make A Difference?

Expensive doesn’t always mean better, but when it comes to pickleball paddles, it can be a good indication of quality.

Although an expensive pickleball paddle won’t automatically improve your game, it can help you advance your technique.

If you play with a cheap paddle, you’re likely to notice the ball lacks “pop”. It’s harder to get a good hit, and the ball becomes sluggish. This is the result of a cheap core and face.

Premium paddles use high-quality core materials (typically polypropylene) to remove dead spots and improve accuracy.

They’ll also finish the paddle with a textured surface, often made of graphite or fiberglass, to protect this core and add spin. 

These paddles will have been carefully engineered to ensure the tension is in just the right place. In turn, your shots have more power, and you can improve your accuracy.

However, before you start looking for the most expensive paddle, you have to consider your playing style.

For example, the JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion paddles are excellent, but they work best with an aggressive technique. A premium paddle can only live up to its price tag if it’s in the right hands!

Final Thoughts

The most expensive pickleball paddles use innovative technologies to create equipment that is durable and refined.

Brands such as JOOLA, Selkirk, Engage, and PROKENNEX build premium paddles for serious players.

But if you really want to splash out, the most expensive paddles you can choose are by Third Shot Drop.

Michael Walter
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