Franklin Signature Pickleball Paddle Review

These paddles are designed to provide the perfect combination of power and control, allowing you to make the shots you need to win.

Read on to find out more about these great paddles and how they can help your game.

What Are Franklin Signature Pickleball Paddles?

Franklin Sports company is perhaps best known for its quality pickleball paddles.

The X-series, released in the early days of the company's entry into this sport, were among the earliest paddle models they provided and continue to be a feature in their offerings. 

From there, they produced more varieties that fit different price points and player experiences. 

Why Are Franklin Signature Pickleball Paddles A Good Choice?

Performance Review

The performance paddle is definitely a lightweight model as it came in at 7.8 ounces, and we found the balance to be very good when we initially held and swung it. 

However, our first few attempts using the paddle were not very successful as we struggled to hit the sweet spot due to its small size. 

As we continued to use the paddle over time, it became more familiar to us, and we began to experience some consistency with how it performed; however, this did not become as reliable as other higher-tier paddles that we have used previously.

Overall, the paddle felt lightweight and well-balanced when in hand though.

This might be beneficial for a recreational player looking for a low-cost paddle but was inadequate for someone seeking high-level gameplay that can typically be expected from high-end paddles. 

The final verdict is that if you are searching for both cost efficiency and excellent performance then perhaps this paddle will fit your needs, but unless you are an expert player then you may find yourself struggling with the weight and balance of the paddle.

Features Review

With the Franklin Signature Paddles, you can reduce vibrations and increase your performance while enjoying unparalleled playability. 

This incredible All-Level performance paddle will revolutionize pickleball paddles everywhere with its outstanding design for optimal control and effortless contact through every shot you make on the court. 

Master your spin rate, increase practice accuracy, elevate your game today, and experience the enhanced capabilities of this superior-quality paddle.

The Franklin’s Signature Paddle from Franklin Sports is a premium quality paddle, specifically designed to perform with precision and power. 

Why Should You Consider Using Franklin Paddles?

Franklin pickleball paddles are a great choice for any player looking to improve their game.

The paddles come with a range of materials that improve speed, power, and control while ensuring the paddle lasts longer, making it an ideal choice even for demanding competition. 

Not only are Franklin paddles officially approved for tournament play, but they also offer great value for money, meaning you won't have to sacrifice performance in the face of cost.

The paddles come in various models, ranging from entry-level ones designed for novices all the way up to advanced versions catering to experts. 

There is also a wide selection of thicknesses, sizes, styles, and types available which ensures everyone can find exactly what they need at an affordable price. 

On top of this, all Franklin paddles feature a honeycomb core design, which makes them strong and lightweight; perfect for adding accuracy and spin on the court.

All these features make Franklin some of the best pickleball paddles currently available on the market.

Why Are Franklin Signature Pickleball Paddles Popular?

The Franklin Signature Pickleball Paddle (see also: Ben Johns Signature Pickleball Paddle Review)is an ideal solution for those looking to up their game in pickleball in regard to maneuverability and power on the court. 

Its added weight provides an advantage while still maintaining speed and finesse while striking the ball across the court with precision and accuracy controlled by the Max Grit technology built into its components, making it a popular paddle choice.

For customers looking for pickleball gear at any level, Franklin Sports makes sure to supply them with options for equipment suitable for any budget or skill level. 

They have incorporated features such as graphite faces alongside polypropylene bodies to produce paddles that have great stability and power without sacrificing comfort or performance, making their paddles excellent options for players on all levels from beginners to experienced veterans.

What Are Some Other Choices For Their Best Paddles?

Ben Johns Paddle

The Ben Johns paddle from Franklin is a revolutionary game-changer in the pickleball world. 

Their textured surface-style technology adds extra spin and reduces vibrations, giving players an enhanced level of control over every shot. 

The fiberglass and polypropylene core layer offers a reliable, solid foundation with a big sweet spot that keeps contact shots crisp and accurate.

On top of this, the paddle is ergonomically designed to cut down on fatigue while playing - despite its lightweight and slim dimensions - thanks to the seamless swapping between hands which puts less strain on your joints with each serve or set. 

Franklin Aluminum Paddle

This paddle is an ideal pickleball paddle for anyone looking to increase their competitive edge.

The aluminum construction of this paddle offers a sturdiness that can take on any vigorous play. 

Not only is the added durability perfect for competitive play, but so is the improved comfort of the handle! It has advanced cushioning and grip to make sure that no matter who's using it, they still have increased hand comfort while playing. 

The Franklin aluminum pickleball paddles also offer enhanced use in competitive conditions as well.

The dual-plated construction facilitates excellent performance all around, helping players find that extra edge when facing stiff competition. 

Franklin Graphite Paddle

Among their many options, one stands out in particular; the Franklin Sports Graphite Paddle.

This paddle is the perfect blend of composite frame construction combined with a unique face structure that’s specifically engineered to provide superior control and durability. 

Their new Franklin Graphite Pickleball Paddles (see also: Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddles Review)offer an extra level of performance and playing power with a graphite finish, honeycomb core, and robust banding for added protection and strength. 

The advanced honeycomb core helps you spin more accurately with less effort, while also providing better accessibility to advanced shots with lightning-fast response time. 

What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing One?

Grip Material

Grip material is an important factor to consider when selecting a paddle. The optimal grip size should fit securely and comfortably in your hand, which is why it's important to double-check the grip length.

Additionally, the circumference of a grip depends on an individual's height - according to research, taller players tend to prefer larger grips while shorter players typically opt for smaller grips.

Another factor that comes into play when selecting a grip size is the type of game you play and how you want your game style to come out. 

A long grip will give you greater reach, whereas a shorter one may provide enhanced spin and wrist movement for better control over shots. 

If you're feeling like the grip is too small for your taste, then an over-grip - fabric-styled tape - could be used to snugly cover the handle in order to absorb perspiration and vibrations. 

Ultimately, finding the best grip material for your personal preference comes down to experimenting with different sizes until you find something suitable.

Hitting Surface

The face of a pickleball paddle is integral to achieving the desired spin and power when striking the ball.

Fiberglass is a popular material used for this purpose, as its texturized surface increases spin while also providing the required grip. 

This not only improves control but is designed to optimize the power within the stroke without reducing accuracy.

Franklin Sports has introduced aluminum pickleball paddles, such as their X-Challenger, which are lightweight yet durable for those starting out playing. 

For those looking for an even superior paddle, composite goods such as those combining UV-resistant vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum may be opted for instead. 

This combination of materials works to ensure that all limitations are balanced and that their benefits can be realized in full force.


The weight of pickleball paddles can vary greatly, depending on the style and type of material used in their manufacturing. 

Generally speaking, the most popular paddles range from 6 to 14 ounces. This range offers players a variety of control and power they can adapt to their individual playing styles.

The Franklin Sports paddles reviewed in this article feature weights between 7.2 and 10.5 ounces, which are within the middle range of the typically accepted weight range for pickleball paddles. 

These weights offer pickleball players a good balance between control and power.

Such a balance is beneficial for those with existing health issues like tennis elbow, arthritis, and shoulder injuries as it reduces the amount of pressure exerted on their body during play.

Final Thoughts

The Franklin Signature Pickleball Paddle is an excellent choice for players of any level who are looking for a reliable, high-performance paddle that won't break the bank. 

With great spin and control, this paddle offers optimal power and accuracy on the court.

It is also approved for tournament play, so you can rest assured that it will meet all of your pickleball needs. 

Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned pro, the Franklin Signature is sure to give you an edge in your next pickleball match!

Michael Walter
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